10 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Child’s Day

March 28, 2016


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No matter how busy or frustrating my day has been, those priceless smiles on my kids’ faces make me forget everything.  It makes me smile and treasure the moment with them.  I’m sure many of you have left the same way too.  When kids are happy we are happy.  It doesn’t take much effort to add little moments of joy into your child’s life which is a step towards a happy family.

There are many simple ways to brighten up their day which creates a very meaningful childhood memory for them. Here are few of my collection of those simple activities to make a child’s day more joyful and special!


1.      Place a note in their lunch box.

What’s more special for a child when he or she finds a note full of loving words for them in their lunch box?  This not only makes them feel special but also make them feel so loved and cared for.

2.     Bake them a treat

Surprise them by baking their favorite treat.  They’ll be so delighted.  Add color and design to make it more enticing.

3.     Give them a day off

Give them one day free of chores.  They will love when they find out they don’t have to do chores on that day.  Instead, spend quality time with them.

4.     Prepare a simple craft work waiting for them after school

Coming home to find out they will be working on a colorful, fun and new craft would be exciting for them.  Get all the supplies ready before they get home and have them laid out so they can see it.

5.     Wrapped small gifts

I haven’t met a child who doesn’t like gifts. All the kids get fascinated by the wrapped gifts and can hardly wait to open them.  Wrap small gifts with wrapping paper; add ribbons and other embellishments to make it super special. Your child will be have it unwrapped it no time with that big smile.

6.     Sing them a song

Select a song that they really like and sing it for them.  Replace some of the words with your own and maybe add your child’s name in the song to make it more special.

7.     Hugs and kisses

Yes we hug and kiss our kids every day and probably many times.  But how about running and giving them hugs as they walk through the door.  It makes them feel how anxiously you’ve been waiting for them.

8.     Give them a flower

I’m sure many of you have received flowers from your children.  Now it’s your turn – give them a flower with a note.  Tell them how special they are and how much they mean to you.

9.     Leaving surprising notes around the house

Tape the notes to a mirror, place it in your kid’s toy box, on their pillows, in their books – simple messages of love and encouragement is all a kid needs to feel so special.

10.  Fun Time

Have entire family participate in fun activities like dancing together.  Have your child select the song and have everyone dance.  Or play your child’s favorite game.

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