10 Reasons Why Routines are Important for Moms

January 19, 2016

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Most of us already have routines that we perform almost every day like stopping by the same place for coffee, watching nightly news after work and so forth.  Children also need routine and structure in their life.  The benefits of a routine are undeniable. You know what to expect, the kids know what to expect and daily life runs much smoother. Here are few benefits of including those routines in their life.

  1. Routine helpschildren cooperate. It makes the transitions between activities easier.  This reduces the stress for everyone. Children like to do what’s next when they know what it is.
  2. Routine promotes safety and positive behavior.  Regular routines help children develop a positive, responsible behavior and feel more secure. Knowing what will happen next gives children a sense of security and emotional stability.
  3. Routine helpschildren get on schedule.  Regular routines help children get on a schedule, like brushing before going to bed, being in bed at certain time. It allows them to predict and anticipate the events of their day.
  4. Routine helpschildren develop self-discipline.  Daily routines provide opportunities for children to learn more about themselves, the world and other people.
  5. Routine helps children learn faster.  Children start to take control of the activities that they are supposed to do without constant reminders.  They also start trusting the adults which helps them feel free to do their work.  They start feeling independent and are able to learn and explore and do better at academics.
  6. Routine helps children become good at things.  Following the routine helps the children become faster and more adept at what they need to each day.
  7. Routine helps children thrive.  Children are able to do better in a well-ordered and predictable environment. Routines at home help children adapt to routines in child care, preschool and school
  8. Routine help children in becoming confident. Daily routines help children take steps toward becoming independent which increases their confidence and boosts their self-esteem.
  9. Routine helps keep it organized.  With a routine, day-to-day family life becomes a little more organized and predictable.
  10. Routine helps reduce stress.  When things are more organized and running smoothly, there is a good chance that the stress of running household will reduce.

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