10 Things Moms are Doing to Keep their Cars Clean

January 19, 2016

Is the floor of your car covered with cracker and chips crumbs, crumbled napkins and wrappers? With so much to do, car cleaning is something that usually either ends up the last one on the things-to-list or it’s just not there.  Who really has time to worry about keeping it clean – right? Cleaning out your car can be an overwhelming job but there are few ways we can make it easier.

Keep a trash bag in your car at all times. You can use plastic grocery bags for this – put everything in this bag that you needs to be thrown away.  Get in the habit of tossing the bag whenever you get out of the car.

  1. Get organized.  Now that you don’t have trash in the car anymore, it’s time to get things organized.  Next time when kids are done with drinking and eating, toss the wrappers, empty juice boxes in the trash bag.  If the kids are bringing the toys in the car then keep a toy bag or basket in the car. Have them place all their belongings in in that bag/basket. That way everything thing will stay in one place instead of lying on the floor, or on the seats.
  2. Keep it sanitized.  It’s important to keep the interior of the car germ-free to avoid getting kids from getting sick.  Use antibacterial wipes to wipe off the inside of the car, especially the car seats, cup holders, door handles and so forth.
  3. Keep the documents together.  Instead of having the paperwork or documents scattered all around the car keep them together in a folder or a big envelope in your dash.  This way you won’t lose any of them plus it will keep the car nice and clean.
  4. Create and keep a car kit. It’s important to keep a bag with things like water bottles, snack bar, extra diaper, small pack of baby wipes, hand sanitizer, pair of clean outfit,  in your car at all times. This will help reduce the amount of thing you have to carry plus your won’t have to worry if your forget one of those items.
  5. Get rid of the odor. Obviously, if you have babies or toddlers then there are potty mishaps often occurring in the car. Place refreshers in your car to keep it smelling clean and fresh.  I like PERK Vent Wraps which are pretty sleek.  They’re easy to use and work whether or not the vents are blowing air.
  6. Make it a routine.  Set aside few minutes once a week to clean out the car.  This way your car will always stay clean.  Plus weekly cleaning will take way less time than cleaning it when the car is really messy.

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