10 Tips to Help Your Family Eat Better

January 19, 2016

Introducing healthy eating in the family can be challenging something especially if the family members are so used to eating out especially at fast-food restaurants. Here are 20 tips to help you get your family on board with healthy eating.

  1. Make it fun! Take your kids with you when shopping for fruits and vegetables.  Let them pick the fruits that they want to it.
  2. Start small.  Start with one healthy change at a time.
  3. Keep experimenting. Prepare food in few different ways to see what everyone likes best.
  4. Grow fruits and veggies in your own garden. If you have a good size yard then do some home gardening. Kids are more likely to try something they’ve grown themselves.
  5. Nutrition Facts.  Teach your family how to read the Nutrition Facts label and explain to kids what they mean.
  6. Dip it. There are so many types of dips in the market. If your kids won’t eat vegetables, have them try it with dips.
  7. Get family cooking.  If your family especially the children become involved in preparing meals, they’ll be more excited in eating what they’ve created.  Have them decide what they want to eat. Have them select the fruits they want in their smoothies.
  8. Invest in food presentation.  According to experts, we eat with our eyes first.  So if the food looks good then impression is that it tastes good.
  9. Be a role model. You need to enjoy healthy eating yourself first before you can have others join you. You need to be honest with the food messages you are sending to the rest of the family members and help them understand the benefits of healthy eating.
  10. Take it easy. Eating healthy is not a punishment and this is what everyone in the family needs to know.  It doesn’t mean the children can’t have cake for dessert once in a while.  Keep the whole process balanced and have everyone enjoy it.

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