12 Tips and Tricks to Make your Garage or Yard Sale Profitable

March 11, 2016

The season for yard or garage sales will be here soon!  This is the best way to get rid of those extra items that are in good condition but not used such as furniture, clothing, dinner sets, workout equipment and so forth. Here are tips for setting up your yard or garage sale and ways to make it profitable.

Planning Your Yard Sale

Gather the items that you want to sell 

This way you will have all the items that you want to sell on the day of the sale.  Place the small items in boxes or baskets.  Make a list of all these items for easy tracking and pricing.  When pricing consider two things; are you selling to make profit or just trying to get rid of that item. Price reasonably – remember people are looking for good deals.  Overpricing won’t work and might turn away the customers.

Select the date for your yard sale

Saturdays seem to be more popular and profitable so pick a Saturday especially one that falls right after the payday.  That way you will end up with more potential customers stopping by. Also check the forecast and avoid having the sale on rainy days – turnout will be poor.  Holiday weekends don’t work very well either since lots of people are traveling or doing other fun stuff.

Advertising is crucial so put some time and effort into that

The more people know about your sale, the better the turnout will be.  Place ads in local newspaper or post online like Craigslist.  Make sure keys items like date, time frame and location are included. Check with your local coffee shop, school and other community centers and see if you can place ads.  If you have Facebook page then get the words out to your friends. Post signs along major roads near your home.  The font on the sign should be large enough to read when driving by.  Keep it simple – event, date, time, address and arrows.

Setting Up the Yard Sale

Display items in an organized manner  

Try to keep as many items as possible off of the ground

This is to make it easier for the customer to look through them instead of bending down and going through piles of items. Use tables to display items.  If you don’t have enough tables then borrow from your neighbors or your friends.  If using old tables or plywood cover them with plastic tablecloths to make it more inviting.

Make it easier for the customers to see the price

Items that are priced the same place them together and put a cardboard with the price in front of them.  For example; “Pick any $1.50 each”. Use Avery labels to write down the size and price on the garment.  You can also use masking tape instead of labels. Place the price where it is highly visible.

Just like a store, group similar items together  

This will help people quickly locate things.  Place all clothing in one section, all furniture in one place, all gadgets in one place, books and postcards in one group and so forth. Remember, the more convenient you make it for the shoppers the more items they might end up buying.  Keep them happy and motivated by rearranging the table if they start looking bare after selling few items.  Make it look as enticing as you can.

Items from the box should be displayed for people to easily see

Lots of shopper don’t like going through boxes or baskets and digging for something they would like.  They would rather have it displayed on a table or shelf (bookcase in cases of books) so they can easily look at them and make decision. Place the shoes in pairs – an inexpensive shoe rack would be perfect for that.  Same goes with clothing use an inexpensive garment rack for hanging.  It will make it look so much more attractive than having them piled up.

Keep the customers entertained by offering free ice water and inexpensive baked goods

That will keep them in good mood and spend more time browsing your sale and more likely make a purchase. Play background music to make people feel more comfortable and relaxed.  Music should match the atmosphere and avoid aggressive ones.

Handle money professionally

Meaning use a cash box or container to place all your cash in, instead of carrying it in your pocket.  Keep the cash box with you all the time or have someone take care of cash handling while you are assisting the shoppers with questions. Have lots of change on hand; likes $20 in ones, $25 in fives and of course coins.

Keep small boxes or bags for people to pack their purchased items  

This is a good time to reuse your grocery plastic and paper bags. If items are big and shoppers need assistance then offer to help them out.

Offer deals if there are still lots of items left to be sold as you near the end of the day

Offers like 50% off, buy one get the other free, two for one deals or even offering items that you don’t want to keep for free.  This will help you make those last minutes sales easily.

Last but not least, drink lots of water and keep snacks handy to keep yourself energized

Wear sunscreen if it’s a hot day.  Greet your customers and thank them for coming even if they don’t buy anything. Have fun!


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