14 Easy Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate

June 30, 2015

Relaxing and rejuvenating is a very important ingredient that helps us to do what we want to do, helps us to live the way we want to live and think the way we want to think.  It is something that helps us whatever we do, to do it better and accomplish more.  Both our body and mind deserves quality rest and relaxation.

There is already so much information available on this topic but my goal simply is to share a few techniques or tools that have been very helpful for me and people that I know in creating a relaxing and rejuvenating lifestyle. So this book only highlights those techniques that my friends and I have found to be very effective. 

I’ve noticed that by adopting only a few of these healthy techniques or practices you can really bring a significance change in your life. I understand that sometimes it is a little difficult to change but if it’s a change that will help you improve, maintain and extend your good health then why not.  It should be welcomed heartily with a smile – right. 

There are many benefits of keeping your body and mind relaxed and rejuvenated which you will learn about as you read through.  Have fun! 

Massage is a best way to get your body relaxed and let go of stress, soften tired and overused muscles. There are many other benefits of getting a good massage.  It promotes better sleep, improves concentration, reduces anxiety, and increases energy.  Getting a massage can do a world of good both for your body and mind. You will feel healthier and younger.

Tea Tree Oil is great for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. It is an essential oil that is very pale golden color. Tea tree oil is an extraction from the Melaleuca tree. It has been used in many skin care products and for treating various ailments as well. Dilute Tea Tree oil with water and apply it on your skin which feels very refreshing.

Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin C which helps sooth skin irritations and helps reduce swelling as well. By applying cucumber paste to your skin, you will find it very refreshing. Place cucumber slices in a blender and blend it into a paste.  Apply to your skin and leave it on for at least 30 minutes.  Drinking cucumber juice also improves the complexion and health of the skin.  

Yoga. There are many wonderful benefits of yoga through mediation.  It helps to deal with stress which affects us physically and emotionally.  Yoga also helps to achieve balance in life by uniting our mind, body and spirit. It creates a positive outlook which helps to live a healthier lifestyle.  For a calm, peaceful and harmonized living style practice yoga for at least 30 minutes every morning.

Bath salts are not just great for the body but for the mind as well.  It helps you relax plus repairs damaged skin.  Simply add bath salts to the water and take a nice long soak. You will find it very rejuvenating.  Also by soaking your body your skin gets moisturized plus muscles are relaxed. Bath salts mixed with essential oil such as Lavender can help promote greater relaxation.

Sleep.  According to research, getting enough sleep will help keep your heart healthy, reduce health, get you more energized, and may help to reduce weight.  There are lots of benefits of getting right amount of sleep. Since our cells produce more protein while we are sleeping, out body gets a chance to repair the damage caused by stress.  Arise and go to bed at about the same time everyday. This would help your body and mind relax as the appointed bedtime approaches.

Mediation is a very effective way of relaxing your mind and body.  It helps to think things through and deal with difficult situations. Find a quiet place either outside or a special area in a room to meditate. Sit quietly on the floor with closed eyes, freeing the mind to escape and drift calmly into a state of relaxation.

Exercise helps to maintain optimal health by reducing stress level, improving mood, combating chronic diseases, promoting better sleep, reducing weight and many more. A daily 30 minute exercise will not only help you feel energized and relaxed but also help you keep yourself healthy physically and mentally.

Water is probably the most abundant substance in our body. Therefore, our body needs lots of water to stay healthy. Drinking not enough water will makes you very tired and dull and can cause illness as well. Since water helps to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients; it helps to keep our skin young and beautiful as well. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.  This will keep you healthy; which means you will feel relaxed and energized.

Well-Balanced Meal.  The necessary amount of energy for optimal growth and development; comes from eating well-balanced mealEating a well-balanced meal with right foods at the right amounts is what you need to keep yourself healthy.

Consume Organic Food Items.   According to studies and research it has been concluded that organic food is more nutritious then ordinary produce. By consuming organic fruits and vegetables in your diet you are able to provide your body 50% more vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients and which are grown using less or no chemicals. Fruits and vegetables are also high in fiber so they help your digestion system as well. Organic foods really are better for you!

Laugh.  It has been found and I’m sure you’ve heard that a good laugh definitely helps us to relax our mind and body.  Helps to feel happier and positive and reduce stress which impacts our health in a huge way.  We are able to make better decisions and achieve success, share and communicate with others with greater ease. So keep laughing and enjoy every single moment of your life. 

Painting can be a very joyful process where you are able to express your creativity.  Especially when you are painting something that you find fun and amusing.  Your delightful imagination helps you to be   comfortable, stress-free, relaxed and rejuvenated.  Painting can also be healing and rewarding.  Sometimes you are able to draw or paint things that are within you or something that you have always wanted to paint.  Once you let it out, you’ve made an accomplishment and feel much better. 

Go Canoeing. What’s better than taking a vacation that includes canoeing.  Not only is it relaxing and rejuvenating but also a best way to get away from day to day routine and get connected to the nature. And of course, canoeing is a great way to reduce stress. Canoeing is very motivational that can help you to begin living the life you’ve always imagined.




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