3 Ways to Decorate Wedding Favor Bags

October 2, 2013

Wedding Favors are a simple way to thank your guests for attending the wedding.  It doesn’t mean you have to spend lot of money to make it special.  Whether it is an expensive or inexpensive, big or small, the guests are pleased to receive wedding favors. 

Nowadays, with things so expensive it makes sense to watch our budgets. So if you cannot afford to give out wedding favors, you don’t need to.  And if you are looking for affordable favors then there are many options and one of them is to simply buy paper bags, decorate them and fill them up with goodies. Here are 3 simply ways you can decorate your favor bags – depending on the theme of your wedding you can change the colors – these are just to give you some inexpensive ideas.


You can cut stripes of paper and glue them to the paper bag.  I f your wedding  decoration is going to be silver and gold then you can add silver and gold papers plus add glitter to give that shimmer look.


 Or you can add a paper doily and add the tag with ‘thank you’ – very simple. Another way is to add stickers. 

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