7 Creative Ways to Earn Extra Money

August 19, 2013

Being a stay-at-home mom is already a full-time job, but without a paycheck. Many moms are now looking for ways to earn a little extra money that would supplement their household income. Here are some ideas and suggestions that could be help if you are planning to work from home.

Make Use of your Passion

Your passion or hobby can help you earn extra money. If you love handmade jewelry, crafting, sewing, baking, and so forth – then invest more hours into it and sell them at your local fairs, flea market or even online like Etsy.com. You can also sell your baked goods at bake sale or create a goodie basket. If you think you have the skills but need to learn more techniques to make your art piece, sewing, etc. more professional then you can take classes offered by stores like Joann and Michaels. Also check with your local community and you may find classes that you are looking.


If you love kids and taking care of them then you can make extra money by babysitting. You can decide to choose the age range – some Moms are comfortable babysitting toddlers, some older kids, some infants and some any age.

Make use of your Camera

If you love taking pictures then take that passion or hobby to next level by selling them online. There are many websites that you can sell your photos. You may need to invest in a good camera to make your photos look professional. Also note that once you sell your photo, the buyer can use if for variety reasons like for advertisements, posting on their blogs, and so forth. Simply, don’t sell photos that are personal and those that you don’t want others to post on the internet or use for marketing, etc.


This is one of the great ways to help any child who is struggling in school and at the same time make extra money as well. You can do tutoring from home and you decide the how many time each week. If you are someone who has lot of patience and knowledge about the subject you going to help with then this could work for you.

Working as a Virtual Assistant

You probably already have heard about Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistants help with the administrative tasks like bookkeeping, writing articles or letters, posting letters or packages, making travel arrangements, setting up meetings, blogging and so forth. Tasks are very similar that an Administrative Assistant has but the only different is that you take care of those from home.

Selling on eBay or Craigslist

If you like garage or yard sales, then look for things that you can sell online and make money. Sometimes you can find quality items like furniture that may need some painting, classic art piece, antique teapot and so forth. Clean them up – make them look new and sell them. You can also sell items that you own and don’t need anymore. Outgrown clothes, furniture, extra TV – whatever item that you don’t need any more or you may not have room for.

Growing and Selling Fresh Organic Produce

Do you have a good size yard? Do you love gardening? If yes, then take advantage of these and grow your own garden. Lot of people are going for green and looking for organic produce. You can sell at your local Farmer’s Market. You would also save money by not having to buy the fresh produce from the store.

If you have any others and would like to share then please let me know.





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