7 Resolutions for Moms

January 5, 2016

So every year after New Year’s we set resolutions that this year we will do things differently to make our lives better. Here are resolutions to make us better moms!

Spend more time with kids

This one is very crucial to lead a happy family life.  The more time we spend with our kids the better we will be able to understand them.  It’s true that everyone has busy schedules but quality time needs to be carved out each day to spend them with the kids. Spending some one-on-one time with kids separately helps them feel more special!

Take it easy

I know there’s always a lot going on in a mom’s life like work, housework, taking kids to school, to baseball practice, to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping,  and the list just goes on. In midst of all these when kid’s do something wrong or bring not so good grades we get stressful and start getting mad and yell at them.  No judgment here. But being hard on them won’t help achieve much. Sit down with them and have a constructive talk.  Try to find out the details and help them find ways to improve or share with them why what they did was wrong and shouldn’t repeat. Show them the positives.

Stop over-scheduling

Avoid over-scheduling if you want to avoid becoming cranky and stressed out.  Share your responsibilities with your partner. Running around and taking care of kids’ dance classes, swim classes, PTA meetings, can be too much for you.  By the time you go to bed you are exhausted since you’ve been working so hard all day and haven’t had time to sit down and get some rest. Cross out few things from schedules and you will find some valuable time that you will be able to spend on yourself as well as with your family.

Follow an easy daily routine

If you want to start your mornings with less stress and in more organized way then create and follow an easier daily routine.  A routine that both you and your kids are comfortable with.  Getting yourself and kids to following a simple routine will help cut down arguments, make the day go more smoothly, and help cut down the stress.  It will also help accomplish more in a day plus provide you with some free time.  When the routine is complicated, it’s gets difficult to stay committed and it falls apart.  So create a simple routine that’s easy to follow so that everyone knows what needs to be done next.

Spend less time plugged in

It’s amazing how much time is spent online.  It’s easy to get carried away with Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media along with online shopping.  Cut down on the hours spent online and you will realize that you have more time to spend with your kids.  You will have more time to get things organized and get chores done more efficiently.

Be more adventurous

Nowadays kids are mostly found with tablets playing games, or watching TVs.  Take them out on mini adventures like exploring like find out more about your own city by visiting the museums, parks and even stop by the visitor’s center.  You’ll be able to find lot of information there and brochures for interesting places to visit.

Make lifestyle changes that are easy to keep

There are many lifestyles changes that can be made, some are simple and some are a bit complicated.  Go with the simply or easy ones such as quit smoking, reschedule your mammogram appointment,  start exercising regularly and if you have been eating fast food  a lot then try to cook at home instead. Healthy behaviors will keep you physically fit which means you will be able to be more active with your kids – play with them, go on adventures and have fun!


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