6 Tips for “Fight Free” Travel Trips with Kids

August 19, 2013

Well Moms let’s face it – a long car ride with kids can be stressing and which includes the screaming, crying, fuzziness, kicking – coming from the back seat. The good thing is we can definitely reduce that using few techniques. Stress-free traveling with kids comes from proper planning and patience.

Making Frequent Stops

If you’re taking a long road trip (more than couple hours) then stop frequently. Have the kids get out the car, stretch, use the bathroom, drink, get something to drink. This helps them to get some fresh air plus it relaxes their mind and body. Planning breaks ahead of time will be very helpful plus convenient as well. Example: Plan to stop every 60 to 90 minutes depending how old the kids are.


Other than DVDs or handheld video game systems, laptops, etc., think of other ways to keep the kids entertained. Do things that involve the entire family like playing word games, which is finding an object out the window that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Or you can have each child find objects that begins with the first letter of his/her first name. Bring along coloring books and crayon and have them do some coloring, and drawing. Everyone will love the “I Spy” games and even sing-a-longs which will keep them busy and entertained. Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center Travel is a portable dry erase solution for fun on-the-go which includes 8 games and activity templates. Memory Games are also great for traveling and keeps the kids entertained.

Goodies and Snacks

I did this last month when we took a long road trip and my kids just loved it. I packed goody bags with toys and surprises for both of them. I packed their favorite games, toys, and snacks. I avoided sugary snacks like candy and soda and included healthy snacks like granola bar, fruits, and so forth.

Separate Siblings

Sometimes separating siblings as far as the seating goes works the best. You can use items like pillows and place them in between. This way it will keep them away from each other and there will be no kicking, touching and screaming…..

Nap is Important

Traveling makes everyone tired and definitely the kids. Make sure your little one takes a nap while traveling. Play DVDs that he/she watches most of the time especially when going to bed, read his/her favorite bedtime story or play lullabies or soothing music – that would help the little one get some sleep.

Travel at Night

If you have already tried the above techniques and it was unsuccessful then I would suggest to travel at night. This way the kids will be sleeping most of the time.



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