October 13, 2015

ways-to-simplify-your-morningsMornings in most homes especially if you work outside the home, have kids going to school can be crazy part of our day. From shower, breakfast to getting off to work, school – everything has to be done in a short time.  How can we streamline and simplify our weekday mornings? Here are few tips:

  1. Do as much as you can the night before. This is my favorite;so I had tolist it first. Have your kids pack their backpack, prepare clothing – lay out everyone’s clothing, and even pack lunch boxes (include non-perishables like water) the night before.  Believe me this will give you more of those precious minutes in the morning.
  2. Get up earlier.  Try to get up early to avoid the rush. Getting up at least 30 to 45 minutes before the rest of the family will make the morning more peaceful.
  3. Specific order. There are so many tasks in the morning and having an order in which to get those tasks completed will be so much less stressful. Use an order or sequence that makes most sense to you.

4. Follow the routine.  Once you have your order in place, you’ve got to follow it and stick to it. Then only will it be effective. It does take some time to get used it but soon you will start loving it.keep-breakfast-simple5. Keep breakfast simple. Simply breakfast like cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or fruits does great.  Those fancy omelets, pancakes, etc., can be saved for the weekend.

6. Get dressed first.  Getting ready before the kids will get that task out of the way.  Now you will have more time to concentrate on getting the kids ready plus gives you time to double check the backpacks.organized hanging7. Get it organized. Library books, permission slips, lunch money – try to have a basket for these items so that they do not get displaced and is placed in the backpacks the night before. Also putting items in the same spot everyday such as backpacks, shoes, jackets will help the kids get everything together much faster.

8. Take it easy. Yelling, shouting sometimes does not make the kids move fast.  It might even make them sad that they are being yelled at every day.  Talk to them – share the importance of them moving fast and getting to school and work on time. Share that you need your cooperation in order to make things move more smoothly. They sure will understand.

9. Reward. Appreciate the kids helping out with the morning routine and reward them plus yourself with fun activities once everyone is at home.  Share with them how great they were that morning and maybe give them little prizes – it can be treats too!

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