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8 Ways To Simplify Your Mornings Plus 6 Smart Things To Do Every Night For A Great Tomorrow

October 13, 2015

Mornings in most homes, especially if you work outside the home, have kids going to school can be crazy part of our day. From shower, to breakfast, to driving to school and work, everything must be done in a short time. 

Without any planning, mornings can turn into craziest part of the day. And that is what I was experiencing.  Every morning I was rushing and so were my kids.  Running up and down the stairs to get my kids ready, their backpacks ready, breakfast, lunch, and the list goes on.

By the time I got to work, I was feeling so tired.  I didn’t have much energy to start the day, but of course I had to.  I came home feeling over-tired.  I didn’t want to do anything.  I didn’t have enough energy to play with the kids, especially after taking care of cooking, cleaning, laundry and other chores.

I wasn’t happy.  I was taking my vitamins and following a healthy diet, but it wasn’t helping much.

Finally, I was at a point, where I told myself I got to change this.  I don’t want to feel this way anymore.  And the first thing that I did, was to simplify my morning.  I wanted to feel more energized in the mornings and ready to take on the day.

Fortunately, simplifying your morning is simple, so I was making changes immediately.  It was a bit hard in the beginning, but I didn’t give up.  I was desperate to achieve the goal of making my days better.  I wanted to spend more time playing with my kids and be happy. 

If you’re also feeling the way I felt, then here are few tips on how you can also simplify your mornings.  These are simple things that anyone can do, if you really want to make a change.

Do as Much as You Can the Night Before

This is my favorite;so, I had to list it first. Prepare everyone’s clothing by laying them out, and even pack lunch boxes (include non-perishables like water) the night before. This is sooooo helpful!

Have your kids pack their back-packs before going to bed, making sure they have their homework folders, stationery, text books and other school stuff back in their bags.

Ask the kids what they’d like to take for lunch so that you can have everything ready in the morning.  Plus, you can prepare part of the lunch before going to bed, like slicing the fruits and veggies.

Take care of tasks that are most time consuming.  Believe me this will give you more of those precious minutes in the morning.

get up early

Get Up Earlier

This is a big one.  Getting up earlier than everyone else, has helped me many ways.  First, I’m able to take care things that I want to before the kids get up, and I’m able to do things that helps me prepare for the day.  Like my morning exercise.

Before, when I got up just few minutes before the kids, I didn’t have much time to focus on myself.  I didn’t have time to do anything else other than getting the kids and myself ready, pack lunch, eat breakfast and rush out the door. 

I had to change it.  I wanted my morning to start in a better way.  I wanted to feel relaxed and stress-free and waking up an hour earlier than everyone else has been the best solution so far.  Both my kids and I don’t feel rushed anymore.


Follow a Specific Routine

There are so many tasks in the morning and having an order in which to get those tasks completed will be so much less stressful.

For example; you get up in the morning, you make your bed, you do your normal stretching and exercise.  Take shower, get ready and start preparing breakfast.  Check on the kids, wake them up, have them take shower, and get ready.  Then have breakfast with the kids and head out the door.    

Again, above is just an example.  You use a routine that makes most sense to you.

To make your routine work for you must follow it and stick to it. Then only will it be effective. It does take some time to get used to it but soon you will start loving it.


keep breakfast simple to simplify mornings

Keep Breakfast Simple 

Simply breakfast like cereal, yogurt, oatmeal or fruits does great.  Remember, both you and your kids don’t like to be rushed.  You want your kids to enjoy their breakfast, and the best way to achieve that is to go with a simple meal.

You can include your child’s favorites that are easy to prepare. Those fancy omelets, pancakes, etc., can be saved for the weekend.


Keep it Organized

There are items that you have to send back with kids to school like the library books, permission slips, lunch money, and the best way to make sure it’s not displaced is to have a basket for these items.  Place these items in the backpacks the night before.

Also putting items in the same spot everyday such as backpacks, shoes, jackets will help the kids get everything together much faster.


Get Dressed First 

Getting ready before the kids will get that task out of the way.  Now you’ll have more time to concentrate on getting the kids ready plus it gives you time to double check the backpacks.


Take It Easy

Yelling, and shouting sometimes does not make the kids move fast.  It might even make them sad that they are being yelled at every day.  Talk to them and share the importance of them moving fast and getting to school and work on time.

Share that you need their cooperation to make things move more smoothly in the morning. They will understand.

Reward for Everyone

 Appreciate the kids helping with the morning routine and reward them plus yourself with fun activities once everyone is at home.  Share with them how great they were that morning and maybe give them little prizes, it can be treats too!

Simplifying morning benefits all the members of the family. Everyone feels less-stressed and starts enjoying their morning more than before. There is laughter, and smiles. Everyone is in good mood and read to face the day! 

I’ve put together My Routine checklist that you can use to list down the things that you need to take care of in the morning and evening.  You will also get Make Tomorrow Great checklist with list of things that you can take care of before going to bed to have a better tomorrow.


morning and evening routine checklist

Yes I want My Routine and Make Tomorrow Great Checklist


6 Smart Things to Do Every Night for a Great Tomorrow

There are many of us who end up our day staying up late, watching TV, browsing internet, watching YouTube videos, spending hours on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Which is not a huge problem, but it can impact your tomorrow.

When you do these things before going to bed, are you fully ready for the next day? Are you happy with the way the day ended? May be or maybe not.

In fact, I used to do this. I used to spend lots of time browsing Pinterest, Facebook and watching YouTube videos.

After few months, I noticed that I woke up with headaches, feeling tired and was so unorganized. Which I wasn’t happy with at all, so I started going to bed early.  It helped. I woke up less tired but my days especially mornings, were still so unorganized which was stressing me out.

Finally, I had it figured out. I was not ending my day right or in a smart way. I took notes of what I was doing each night before going to bed.  What is that I can stop doing so I can better enjoy my time. 

And what are some of the things I can do instead, to end my day the smart way.  I made some changes and doing things that has made my days more organized and smooth.

I’m waking up feeling less tired, less stressed and no more headaches, Yay!

I’d like to share the things I did, which will also help you if you’re experiencing what I did few months ago. Before doing all the following, the first thing I did was getting unplugged. That’s right – now I spend very little time on electronics before going to bed.

Cherish It 

Before going to bed, I write down things that I really enjoyed that day. I write all the wonderful things that happened, the people I met, things I learned from mistakes, and ways I could have more fun each day!

Note: the goal here was for me to stay positive. If anything, negative happened during the day, I tried to look at it from a different point of view – for example – as a learning lesson.

Prepare for Next Day 

With two little kids, there are lot to do in the morning. So, I started doing simple things like laying out clothes for the next day. I had both my girls pick out the clothes they want to wear next day, and I did the same for myself. Before going to bed I got them all ironed and ready to be worn. Wow! That was a huge time saver for me.

All Packed 

I made sure the girls had their backpacks packed away before going to bed. I also had my suitcase packed as well. I also prepared breakfast and lunch menu so that when I woke up in the morning I knew exactly what to do. I made sure the veggies were chopped and prepared snacks for the girls. In other words, I did all that I could the day before to make my next day less hectic.

Plan the Next Day 

I invested in a planner and wrote down things that I need to do next day. I made sure I noted the important appointments, things-to-do, goals and any other notes that helped get my day go smoothly. In fact, this exercise helped me come up with creative ways to get my tasks completed.


I’ve always had a deep passion for reading. Each night I read for about 30 minutes and I read something that aligns with my dreams and goals. It gives me more knowledge and helps me focus and concentrate on things that helps me achieve and enhance self-improvement.

My girls also join me with their books and we all read together. After reading, we spend 10 minutes talking about what we read. Perfect way to spend more time with kids.


Each night before going to bed I review how things are working out. Do I still feel stressed? Are my mornings getting organized? Is there anything else that I should be doing to make it better? Am I happy, is my family happy? I write these down in my journal which helps me get better and make the best of my life each day!

If there are things that don’t work out, I find alternatives and try new things.


What we do in the morning as soon as we wake up and things we end up doing before going to bed are the bookends of our day. Therefore, it’s critical it is started and ended right.

Cherishing and reviewing what we achieved during that day, people we met, allows us to reflect on the day and appreciate what we have and that brings a sense of joy in life. Planning the next day, helps figure out what needs to be done, what are priorities, and get more accomplished.

Life at times, gets difficult due to little things.There are simple strategies that you can apply to your life today, for a great tomorrow.


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