A Simple Valentine Heart Card and Arrow Pencils

February 8, 2017

valentines dayThis is a very simple valentine day craft to do with your kids.  My girls came up with the idea and with some clue and colorful papers and of course the pencils we were able to create these in just a few minutes. 

An easy project to do with your little ones this weekend.  My girls are planning to give out the pencils to their classmates with each child’s name written on the paper before adding it to the pencils.

So what we did was, we cut out the trianges and stick them to one end of the pencil using double-sided tape so that it’s easier for the kids to take them off and use the pencils.  We did the same thing on the other end of the pencil  – we made the shape to look like the end of an arrow.

For the cards, we printed out a cardstock with “YOU ARE MY VALENTINE” and using our cricut we cut out the heart shapes and added them to the cards using the glue.

Very simple and easy project.  Hope you’ll try it too.


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