• 9 Things Women Are Doing to Reach Their Dreams

    We all have dreams and many of us give up on our dreams too early. It could be related to our behavior or the way we try to reach our dreams. It’s true some dreams are not easy to reach but it’s not impossible. There are few things you can do like other successful women,…

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  • Starting and Growing Your Photography Business

    Photography business has been thriving. Capturing images that make memories is probably the one of the exciting and passionate businesses. Photography is all about creativity and imagination.  A photographer can turn a boring image into something outstanding, can turn it into a piece of artwork! Few Benefits of Starting a Photography Business: You’re the Boss.…

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    This is part two of our guide How to Start Your Own Soap Business.  You can access part one by clicking here. Pricing and Profit.  Price your product so that you are able to make profit but try to keep your price within the same range as other similar products in the market.  If you…

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  • How Successful Women Spend Their First Hour at Work

    How your workday goes depends on how you start it. Therefore, how we start our workday is important to make it a successful one.  Using the time wisely and doing what contributes to a more accomplishing day is in our hands.  Whether we can get to work, and get ourselves settled in or we can…

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  • 5 Surprising Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Own Success

    We all want to be success.  We work hard to achieve what we want or live the way we dream of. But sometimes success seems too far no matter how hard we work.  This can cause frustrations and disappointments.  You work hard, meet your deadlines, do best at what you do but there is no…

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  • Starting an Online Business with Shopify

    Have you been thinking about taking your business online but unsure where or how to start?  If so, in this article we will talk about one of the easiest ecommerce tool Shopify which can help you start your online business or just bring an existing business to the online world.

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  • work smarter

    Ladder to Success: Working Smarter, Not Harder

      Don’t get me wrong here. We have to work hard but working hard without making smarter choices will not make you successful. We need to make smart moves or choices in order to be more productive. Working hard at something without understanding the priorities, without integrating organized system, or without getting enough sleep won’t…

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  • 7 Ways You Are Wasting Money Without Realizing

    When it comes to money, I always find myself learning new things. The more I research about saving and spending less the more knowledgeable I get. My goal like most of you is to spend less and save more. Saving is not an impossible task, it is definitely possible but our urge to buy things…

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Skipping Your Lunch Break

    There are many of you who have fallen into a habit of skipping lunch breaks. Skipping lunch breaks may be hurting you more than you realize. You might be thinking that you are able to get more work completed by skipping lunch but is that really good for your health?  Here are few reasons why…

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  • 4 Mommy Skills You Can Use at Work

    Moms learn and use efficient techniques everyday at home.  From organizing family schedules, maintaining the house, managing the finance, entertaining to everything else that takes place at home, moms are experts at handling these types of tasks. We have the power of motivating and keeping the family safe, healthy and happy! Using the same approach…

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