• A Simple Way to Reuse Your Coffee Bottle

    Here’s a simple and easy way to reuse empty Starbucks coffee bottles by turning them into a vase.  All you need is the bottle and paint.

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  • 7 Simple and Easy DIY Magnet Projects That You Can Do This Weekend

    I love magnets, especially if it fits my style and the theme I have going around in the room. As I don’t only use them to hold items in place but also as a décor element. I found some great ways to make your own magnets and these are not only functional but also decorative.

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  • 5 Slime Recipes That You’ll Definitely Want to Try

    I went to the local craft store other day and they were out of Elmer’s Glue. I was told they were running out of them all the time due to slime being so popular now. Well of course I went to get some for my kids to make more slime, yes more – they are…

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  • A Simple Valentine Heart Card and Arrow Pencils

    This is a very simple valentine day craft to do with your kids.  My girls came up with the idea and with some clue and colorful papers and of course the pencils we were able to create these in just a few minutes.  An easy project to do with your little ones this weekend.  My…

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  • 9 DIY Decoupage Craft Ideas

    I love decoupage projects, not only is it simple to do but the results can be quite amazing.  Plus there are many decoupage projects you can do with kids and they love the results.  Here are few projects that you can try this weekend.

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  • 20 Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

    Fall is almost here and many of us are already looking for fabulous and unique ideas to decorate our pumpkins. Well while surfing the internet for ideas I found some that I’d like to share with you. Hope you’ll find one that you’d also like to try. Have fun!

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  • 8 DIY Yarn Project

    I love yarns – they come in so many different colors, love the texture and feel and best part it can be used not just for knitting but for many other projects! Here are few simple and easy DIY Yarn Projects that you can also try.

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  • 7 FREE Planner Printables

    Planner decorating is a trendy thing nowadays and everyone is looking for pretty things to make their planners look beautiful. Here are few FREE printer printables that you can download and add to your planner! Have Fun! Simply click on the image to get the instructions for downloading.

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  • Is Site Builder Easy to Use?

    There are many readers trying to decide whether to hire a web designer or use a website builder like Site Builder. The best way to do that is to research and go through reviews and see what the actual customers are saying. If you have a small budget then use Site Builder since designers may…

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  • Hanging Diaper Stacker for the Nursery

    Babies bring a ray of sunshine into the world. However, they don’t bring much of anything else with them! It’s up to us to provide the important things to keep them happy and healthy. This handy diaper stacker is designed to hang from a crib or changing table. There’s plenty of room for lots of…

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