• Hanging Diaper Stacker for the Nursery

    Babies bring a ray of sunshine into the world. However, they don’t bring much of anything else with them! It’s up to us to provide the important things to keep them happy and healthy. This handy diaper stacker is designed to hang from a crib or changing table. There’s plenty of room for lots of…

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  • Rustic Wedding Redux: Two-Tone Burlap Table Runner

    Burlap is getting so popular especially when it comes to wedding decoration.  This fabric is so easy to use in so many ways.  You can also get burlap in many different colors as well – not just brown anymore.  This runner is so beautiful.  I’m definitely going to try this.  Click here for instructions.  

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  • How to make a Holiday Ruffled End Table Runner

    With holiday season getting closer, are you looking for a great way to dress up your table.  If so then check ou this holiday ruffled end table runner.  You can also use this on your dinner table as well.  This project shows you how you use two layers of a good fabric which would provide…

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  • How to make Glitter Acorns

    Acorns can be used in many ways for Fall decoration.  One way is to make glitter acorns and have them displayed on the table as a centerpiece or you can place them on the mantel.  And again just like glitter leaves these are easy to make. You will need: Acorns Paste Brush Glitter in a…

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  • How to make Glitter Leaves

    Autumn leaves are indeed a nice embellishment to the decor and is also a great weekend project to create with the kids in the fall holiday season. I got this idea from Franciskas Vakre Verden blog.  I visit this site quite often for fabulous ideas. To make these glitter leaves you will need: Artificial leaves. You…

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  • DIY Makeup Organizers

    Hey there.  If you are like me who wants all her makeup products organized so it is easier to find them when needed then here are some wonderful ways to get your beauty products organized.   These are easy and inexpensive ideas and I like the fact that you can DIY! DIY Makeup Brush Holder

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  • DIY Sweater Makeovers

    Hello Friends!  Are you ready for some fabulous ideas that can help you save some money on your winter attire and be stylish at the same time. Take a look a some of these DIY ideas for turning your sweater into a unique piece.  Have Fun! DIY A Cozy Pom-Pom-Sleeved Sweater

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  • DIY Lace Shorts

    I love this DIY!  Definitely going to try this one. Source: sincerelykinsey.blogspot.com  

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  • DIY Sneaker Ideas

    Do you have an old pair of sneakers that you want to give them a new look?  If so then check out these easy creative way to change the look of your sneakers.  There are so many ways to make them look fabulous again and here are few that I like.  Have Fun!  Source sprinklesinsprings.com

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  • How to Make Your Own Macrame Curtain

    Have you always wanted to make your own macrame curtain. Click here for the instructions.  

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