• Looking Fabulous in Black and Silver!

    Black of course is always in fashion and this adorable dress in black and silver is sure going to blend in with any function.  I like the mermaid style which gracefully embraces the body and then along with that those sparkling silver shoes which reminds of Cindrella shoes.  The silver and pearl earrings are simple…

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  • Get One of These Sequin Dresses for this Holiday Party

    Have you been wondering what to wear to that special holiday party – well check out these sequin dresses.  Adorn yourself with these beautiful dresses which are perfect for the season.  These dresses are priced at under $30. Designer dresses doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot – here is the chance to save…

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  • Winter Coats That You Don’t Want to Miss

    Be warm during the winter without going out of style. Pair a winter coat with an elegant dress for a stunning effect. This deal will be offered on 11/11/16 so make sure you take advantage of these very low prices! Starting from the left: Elegant Faux Fur Coat will be offered at  $25.59, Winter Suede Coat…

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  • Global Shopping Festival is Coming Soon on November 11

    Don’t miss out on super deals, featured brands, bestsellers and trending styles – everything so affordable on Aliexpress! Here’s a sneak preview of some of the items that will be offered at an amazingly low price. Don’t miss out on them.  Remember it’s going to be on 11/11/16.

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  • 10 Novels Based On True Stories

    I love inspiring true story books which are a great way for you to share your strenths and weaknesses.  Sometimes it helps us relate to same situations as the writer or author has been through. Novels based on true stories inspire us through experiences of thos who have struggled and made through it.  It encourges…

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  • 5 Great Board Games For The Entire Family

    Playing together as a family is the best way to spend time together. We laugh and play – there’s so much fun and a happy way to end the day. Here are some board games that are fun-filled and take family game night to next level.

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  • 7 Simple Pleasures That Don’t Cost Anything But Time

    Time has a unique way of showing us what really matters or what we really need.  Work, home, school, kids, family commitments, don’t we already have enough to do. We wish there were more hours in a day and could do more. Time is precious and we need to make the best of it. Trying…

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  • Beautiful Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

    I love beautifully wrapped gifts. It says so much about the person giving the gift and the time and effort put into it. I’m always looking for great ways to make gift wraps more special and while browsing the Pinterest I found the following adorable ideas. I’ve noticed that brown paper is widely used which…

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  • 20 Items You Must Have When Traveling With Your Baby

    Traveling with little ones can be quite overwhelming plus the amount of stuff we need to pack. To make it easier first make a list of necessities that would be provided at your destination. This way you won’t have to pack those items. Another way to save time and stress is start packing a few…

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  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Talents

    Kids have the ability to show their intelligence in many different ways and with the help of their parents they are to develop these abilities. By nurturing their strengths and talents we are able to boost their confidence and enhance their skills. Creativity has been found the key element of happy and healthy children. By…

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