• Few Things to Know About Fiji – A Luxurious Paradise in the South Pacific

    Located 1,7770 km north of New Zealand and known as the friendliest island in South Pacific, Fiji is has 333 tropical islands. Known for its luxurious private islands, all-inclusive resort, culinary destinations and outdoor adventures, Fiji is most widely celebrated for its culture. Visitors love the white sand beaches and pristine, crystal-clear ocean waters offering…

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  • 5 Simple Ways to De-stress

    We all react differently to stress; whether we reach out to bottle of wine, unnecessary spending, eating junk food, and so forth. You’ll agree that there are not healthy and not a sensible way to react to stress. So here are few ways to help yourself de-stress and stay calm.

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  • 4 Smoothies for Weight Loss

    Drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies provide you with many essential nutrients. It is an easy and quick way to nourish your body in a healthy way. Smoothies improve your digestion, helps to detoxify, helps to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair, strengthens your immune system, provides you with energy and of course it is delicious! …

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  • 10 Beautiful Ideas for Front Porch Fall Decoration

    Soon fall will be here – trees will start to change – leaves turning into beautiful colors – red, yellow, orange and so forth.  Here are few beautiful ideas for front porch fall decorations. The use of pumpkins, flowers, wood, etc.,  looks so amazing.

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  • Create Your Dream Craft Room

    Have you been thinking of having your own dream craft room.  If so then here are few decorative items that you can use to spice up your craft room and add that glamorous look that you’ve been dreaming of.

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  • Easy Ways to Get the Inner Mean Girl Out

    Remember the phrase “mean girl”.  You probably heard that a lot in school or you had confronted one in your life.  And the solution was either to stay away from the mean girl, talk to your teacher or parents and have them take appropriate actions.  However, there is one mean girl that resides inside every…

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  • How to Heal the Mind

    Stress, frustrations, anger, tiredness – so much going on and life is just getting out of control.  What do you think gets impacted the most?  You – your body and mind.  How do we stop this?  According to experts too much of stress and frustration can lead to depression, obesity and other health related issues.…

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  • 3 Things Needed for Making Life Changes

    Making changes can be a challenging and difficult especially if it’s something that is hard for you to let go or something that you are so used to. There are times when we have to make changes for the better.  Changes that are needed to bring happiness, prosperity and good health in your life.  Changes…

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  • 9 Tips for Creating A Calm and Peaceful Home

    Creating a calm and peaceful home is not a difficult task.  It’s all about how you do it and how dedicated you are to maintain it.  Your home should be a place where you can relax, where you can live happily. With so much going on in our daily life – home should be your…

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  • How to Choose Art For Your Home

      Buying artwork for home can be overwhelming especially with so many options out there.  Artwork especially for the wall comes in many styles – contemporary, traditional or modern and then different designs – solid, mix & match, abstract, nature and of course different format – prints, collage, photography, painting, drawing and illustration and so…

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