Decision To Be A Stay At Home Mom

September 26, 2013

Making a decision to be a stay at home mom can be quite difficult. There are many things you need to consider like your financial situation, your attachment to your career and your feelings.

Most important of all is to ask yourself – Will your family be able to meet all the expenses with one salary?  So the first thing is to run the numbers or calculate your expenses.  Other than bills, groceries, and other daily expenses, consider items like entertainment, cell phone, car maintenance, dry cleaning, spa and other personal costs, etc.  Once you are done crunching the numbers and you are sure that you can manage on one salary then give it a try before you quit your job.  For couple months, imagine you are not working and put your salary aside.  Manage all the bills and other expenses with your spouse’s salary. 

Evaluate the result.  Did it go well?  Did you feel frustrated? Were you comfortable? If the experiment went well for you then quitting your job may work out for you.  If it did not go well, then you might need to give it few more thoughts. You can explore other options like working part-time or trying some work-at-home opportunities.

Another way to get yourself ready to quit your job is start saving.  Try to take part of your and your husband’s salary every month and place it in a joint savings account.  Once you have saved enough to cover at least six months of expenses then you may quit your job.  This way you can see how first few months go and if there will be any financial hardships you can use the money from your savings account.  

You also need to account that your lifestyle may change.  You may need to cut down on take-out –dinners, shopping, entertainment, and so forth.  At times you might feel guilty spending money or feel frustrated not being able to buy things, might need permission before purchasing or feel bored staying home.  Consider all these before you make your decision. 



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