DIY Glitter Jar Vase

October 2, 2013

A very easy way to decorate your room is with items that are unique in its own way and this glitter jar vase is a perfect example.  Not only for home décor but it would be a nice addition to a birthday party, bridal shower or any other party decor. And it is very easy and cheap to make.  I made this using Ragu Pasta Sauce jar.  Wash the jar thoroughly, remove the label and let it dry.

To make this glitter jar vase you first need to decide how much of the jar you want to add glitter to.  Then add the tape. I used painter’s tape but you can use any tape that you have – as long as it comes off easily. Then apply glitter glue – in this case I did not have any glitter glue left so I used Mod Podge. Once you have applied the glue, sprinkle the glitter.  Make sure you add enough to cover the jar evenly.  Once the entire surface is covered with glitter you can tap the jar on the table couple times to dust off excess glitter.  Don’t throw them – you can re-use them for your next glitter project.  Also try to do this on a piece of paper – it is easier to collect and place them back in the glitter jar.

Now that you have applied the glitter – let it sit for few minutes until it is completely dry. You can use this for so many things – use as a flower vase, pencil holder, hold collector items like buttons, rocks, shells,  and so forth.

TIP: you can add multiple colors of glitter by adding tape at different levels.  I have another project coming up that will show you how to do this. In the meantime enjoy this project.  Take care!

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