Easy Ways to Get the Inner Mean Girl Out

June 28, 2016

Remember the phrase “mean girl”.  You probably heard that a lot in school or you had confronted one in your life.  And the solution was either to stay away from the mean girl, talk to your teacher or parents and have them take appropriate actions.  However, there is one mean girl that resides inside every woman.  She forces us to think negatively, doubt our self-confidence and push us away from our goals. She makes us feel isolated, incompetent and undeserving. She may even drive us to make decisions that can tarnish our dreams or achievements. It can lead us to negative outcomes like procrastination, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, anger and disappointment.

There are few simple ways that can help us stop the mean girl from forcing us doing things that make us feel inferior to others and pushing us away from our goals and accomplishments.

1. Stop focusing on Perfection

By focusing on perfection mean girl won’t let you focus on your accomplishments.  You will be so much focused on doing things perfectly that you might lose track of what or when things needs to be done.  You will be so much occupied that you might end up with very little time to relax and enjoy your life.

2.  Avoid Comparison

By letting mean girl compare you with others you are decreasing your self-confidence which is vital for accomplishing goals.  You also have what you see in others.  You just need to trust yourself. You have the ability and creativity to make a beautiful living for yourself.  If you like something in others then use that as an inspiration.  Don’t use it to judge and place yourself inferior to them.  You got what it takes to be successful.

 3.  Love Yourself

Self-love will keep hatred and discouragement away from life.  Love yourself to stay motivated and build a better future for yourself.  Love yourself to see the beauty in your life.  Don’t let the mean girl guide you towards self-doubt and self-hatred.  Don’t let mean girl blame you for mistakes.  Simply accept the mistake, improve and move on.

4.  Cherish your Achievements

When mean girl starts overtaking your thoughts you start focusing on negative view points.  Instead focus on positive events of your life.  The achievements you’ve made, things you have been able to do that you’ve always wanted to, your loving family and friends and your beautiful life.


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