How to Heal the Mind

May 27, 2016

Stress, frustrations, anger, tiredness – so much going on and life is just getting out of control.  What do you think gets impacted the most?  You – your body and mind.  How do we stop this?  According to experts too much of stress and frustration can lead to depression, obesity and other health related issues. The mind controls how we feel, our energy levels and how we connect to the world. Here are few ways to make your mind be able to stay focused and make decisions that are appropriate for a happy life.

Focus on positive thoughts. Mind can change direction at any time it needs to so you don’t have to hold negative things or thoughts inside your mind.  This won’t help anyone in fact make things worse. Replace your mind with positive thoughts.  Instead of saying “Oh I can’t…” say “I think I can” or “I can at least try”. 

Exercise.There are so many benefits of exercising.  Not only does it keep your body in shape, keeps you healthy but also keeps your mind in good health as well.  You are able to focus more on the bright side of things and dwell on things that make you happy and feel fulfilled.  Exercise helps to free up your body from tense and make it feel relaxed. 

Make your routine more diverse.By adding variety to your routine can help bring excitement and new opportunities in your life.  It can help you see world from different perspective. According to studies, by changing your habits on a regular basis can help create new brain pathways and helps keep life more interesting and balanced.

Open-up.  Allow yourself to be flexible and share feedback, opinions and suggestions with family and friends.  Stop keeping things inside you.  If there are things bothering you then let it out.  By talking about those things you will be able to release that negative energy growing inside you. You will notice that your life is getting more flexible, creative, balanced with an improved lifestyle. You are able to see the whole world as an opportunity for growth and will be able to focus on your goals and things that bring happiness in your life.

Meditation.Everyday there are thousands of thoughts lingering in our mind and it can be difficult to do or follow all of them.  That is where we get stressed out – not sure what to do – listen to your mind or to your heart.  Once you are able to settle your mind you are able to think more clearly.  You are able to get a better picture of things that are priority or things that are logical and make more sense.  And that is through meditation – it helps your mind to relax.

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