How to make a Pinwheel

January 8, 2013

Making pinwheel is very easy. Actually, you will become an expert after making first or the second one. Kids would love to make these too.

To make the pinwheel you will need:

Paper and Brad
Ruler (if you are going to draw the lines)
Something circular (to draw a circle in the center – about 2 inches diameter)

Cut the paper into a square. I used 6 x 6 inches for mine. There are two ways to create the four sections of the pinwheel.

You can draw diagonal lines from corner to corner and then draw a circle in the center of the square. You will get an ‘X’.

Next, cut along the lines until you reach the circle. The goal is to NOT cut all the way through.

Another way is to fold the square into a triangle like shown below. Then unfold and fold it again into a triangle the other direction. You will end up with an “X” in fold lines through the center.


Then starting from one corner of the square cut along the fold line towards the center. Stop about one quarter inch from the center. Again do not cut all the way through. Repeat this step for all four corners.

Now fold in each corner towards the center. You can use a tape to hold down the corners in the center. Then punch a small hole in the center and add the brad. You are all done!

You can make these in various sizes. You can make many of these to create a backdrop for a party, use as cake toppers (simply attach it to a lollipop stick), glue them to favor bags, create a bouquet and so forth.

Have Fun!



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