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April 20, 2016


Have you been dreaming about starting your own soap making business especially after visiting those one of those shops selling beautifully crafted soaps with different colors, scents and shapes. Soap making is getting more and more creative each day especially soaps that are made with all-natural ingredients.  Soaps are also becoming a popular luxury gift.  If you like making soap then you can turn that hobby into a full-time or part-time business.

Launching your business is not difficult; however, it does require time and good planning in order to create a successful business. Here are few tips, resources and videos on making soaps and on starting your own business.

If you have no experience making soap

Learn how to make soap.  The first thing, obviously in order to start soap business is to learn how to make it. By learning how to make soap will not only teach you the techniques but also help you make a decision if that is really what you want to do.  Remember, in any type of business you need passion in order to be successful.  Starting a business simply to make money is not enough.  You need to be happy and enjoy doing what you will be doing every day.  By learning you will become an expert so that you can create the best for your customers.

During your soap making class you will you learn about two main methods for making soap, the hot process and the cold process.  Cold process is most common method and used by most business owners. Below is a link to video showing how cold process soap is made.

Ingredients.The beauty of making your own soap is that you can make it with the ingredients that you choose and the fragrances that you like. Therefore, It’s important to know the benefits those ingredients.  The first ingredient that you need to get very familiar with is lye which is absolutely necessary for making soap. Use 100% sodium hydroxide and it should be handled very carefully when using.  Always wear gloves and protect your eyes and use a mask. Next comes the additives that you want to add to your soap. These are herbs like dried lavender, rose buds, chamomile and so forth.  Essential oils extracted from plants, fragrance oil and colors.  You will also need carrier oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, palm oil, olive oil and so forth. You can also use items like oatmeal, dry milk powder, coffee, and anything else that is good for the skin.  You can find most of these ingredients on Bramble Berry, Amazon and Mountain Rose Herbs.

Equipment.  Soap making requires few important tools and you can find them easily online or at your local craft store.  You will need a stick blender for mixing, microwave for melting, measuring cups, molds, a bucket for mixing, gloves, mask, goggles, and other materials like wrappers and labels for packaging.

Starting the business

Finding your niche and developing your brand.  There are lot of soap businesses out there and many brands. Therefore, you need to set yourself apart by developing your own brand.  You need to create a product that consumers really want.  The best way to find this out is to research online and look what type of soap sells the best.  Visit and you will get lots of ideas.  You can make soaps for babies or children, adults, for special skin type, wedding favors, for male only and so forth.  You’ll notice that first thing that makes an item appealing is the packaging. Create a unique company name, use good quality products (again research about the products before using), and use creative wrapping, labeling and packaging materials.  Make sure each package has your company name and logo promoting your brand.


Let’s talk about a bit more about choosing a business name. Think of a name that is easy to remember and one that you really love. If you are not sure if you can use that name then visit the trademark website at Search for the name and if it’s available check to see if the website address for that name is also available.  Sites like and help you search for the web addresses. Again select a name that reflects your line of products or business.  Also use a tagline or slogan to make it more memorable and marketable.

Wholesale Supplier.  You’ll definitely need to purchase supplies at wholesale or discount price in order to make profit.  Find suppliers who are knowledgeable about their products and who will be able to answer your questions and assist you promptly. Also find out if they have rewards like additional discounts for regular customers.  Once you know that your business is going pretty well then you can buy directly from the manufacturer especially supplies like essential oils and fragrances which can be quite expensive. A well know manufacturer is Thomas Register. But in the beginning you can shop on Amazon (you’ll get FREE shipping if you have Amazon Prime), Bulk Natural Oils, and BrambleBerry.

For melt and pour Wholesale Suppliers Plus have great products. You’ll love the quality. For molds check out these suppliers; Milky Way Molds, Mold Market, and Soap Equipment. If you don’t want to purchase ingredients separately from different suppliers then Bramble Berry is offering a great Business in a Box product.  This includes all the ingredients that you will need to make soap.

Here’s a video on making cold process soap.  Enjoy!  See our Part Two for more details!

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