Is Clay Safe for My Skin and What Exactly Does It Do

June 15, 2017

kaolin clay bentonite clay pink clay white clayRecently, I had one my friends ask me if clay was safe for her skin and what exactly does it do.  Well, I had this same question when I first bought my clay mask. And just like many of you I also make sure what I’m about to buy is going to help my skin look better and not cause any type of irritations.  We all want beautiful skin – right!

Here are few things I found about clay while researching.  First there are few types of clay that are used in beauty products like kaolin clay, bentonite clay, and French green clay.

Kaolin Clay is natural substance found mostly in soils that have developed from the chemical weathering of rocks in hot, moist climates. It is an odorless powder and comes in variety of colors. It was originally discovered in China and is named after hill where it was mined. Today Kaolin clay is used in face masks especially for treating acne and blackheads because of its ability to absorb toxins and oils without drying out the skin.

Kaolin Clay has natural absorbency properties so when applied to skin it helps to soak up the excess oil. Kaolin clay is also best for those who have sensitive skin which does not cause irritations like synthetic chemicals found in other skin care products.  Other than oil it also absorbs dirt and dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Bentonite Clay is composed of ash made from volcanoes and the largest source of Bentonite clay is found in Fort Benton, Wyoming. Bentonite clay helps to reduce the outbreak of blemishes and redness on the skin.  It can also help to calm skin infections and speed up healing time of wounds or eczema.

Bentonite Clay helps control the overproduction of sebum (natural oil) which can cause blackheads or whiteheads. Along with reducing toxins, Bentonite clay also helps with circulation and overall skin tone and health.

French Green Clay is very fine, light green powder collected from sources in Montana, Wyoming, China and Europe.  Also known as sea clay, French Green Clay has been used for years as detoxifying beauty treatment. It helps to get rid of harmful toxins and heal the skin. French Green Clay cleanses and exfoliates the skin making it feel softer while tightening pores. It also boosts blood circulation in the skin while removing dead skin cells resulting in a brighter and healthy looking skin. It also helps to remove excess oil and other impurities that can clog the pores.

How to Use These Clays?

Simply mix the clay of your choice with water to make a paste and apply to your skin.  Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with water.

Where to Buy?

You will probably find these clays online like Amazon, Bramble Blueberry and Bulk Apothecary.

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