Making a Paper Rose Wreath

February 4, 2013


I’ve always wanted to make a rose wreath for my daughter’s room which I finished this week.

Making this wreath was fun especially having my daughters sit next to me while I was working on this. Chatting with them made the project go faster. I’m so happy with the result.

Below are some photos of this project. I accidentally deleted few of the photos which I took from the beginning of the project – so sorry about that.

Things I used to make this wreath:

Foam wreath



Paper Flowers



First, wrap the foam wreath with the tulle. Use hot glue at the beginning and at the end. Make sure the tulle is wrapped tight enough; that will give a neat look to the entire project. Then wrap the wreath with yarn. This step will take a bit longer, depending on the size of the wreath.

Then get your paper flowers together. I used paper flowers made of mulberry paper and they are so beautiful. I bought these adorable flowers from etsy store called Pink Candi Crafts.


I used ivory and pink flowers which matches the room colors. Using hot glue, attach the flowers to the wreath. Before you complete attaching the flowers, add the ribbon that will be used to hang the wreath. Again I used hot glue to attach the ribbon.

Once the ribbon is attached, continue attaching the paper flowers. And you are all done. Enjoy your new flower wreath.

Tip: if you cannot find paper flowers then you can use silk, felt, or other fabric flowers. You can also add pearls, buttons, beads, and so forth.

Share your project and let me know how it came out.



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