One Simple Tool to Effectively Manage Your Day-to-Day Life

February 21, 2016

Yes life can be complicated but tools you use to manage it don’t have to be complicated as well. Either the system you are using to manage your day-to-day life has too many options or just doesn’t stick too long.  Here is a simple system that could help you keep up with the daily demands of living.  And that simple tool – you ready – is a simple notebook.  You must be saying – Really?  Believe me it really works.  I have been using this tool for the past three years and I love it.

Get a simple notebook big enough so that you are able to carry it with you all the time.  This notebook will help you by increasing efficiency, and by reducing stress.  Many of you will agree with me that there have been times when you have forgotten something important.  There may have been a time you went shopping and forgot something important to buy like a poster board for your child’s presentation or it could be you went to the post office to mail a package but forgot to buy stamps.

A notebook can be used to enter important notes, important reminders, business ideas, thoughts, book that you heard about and want to purchase, website address that you found helpful, or it could be due dates for bills you need to pay.  Simply a notebook can be a mirror of a daily life.

Another benefit of writing down things in a notebook helps you remember them plus increases accomplishment.  You are able to get much more done by maximizing free time to do other things that you may have wanted to do but were unable to.

By writing down things you are able to accomplish your goals.  Divide up your notebook into tasks and goals.   List your short-term and long-term goals separately.  Then under your tasks lists the activities you need to complete in order to achieve those goals.  This will boost your encouragement and motivation to overcome hurdles and keep working on those tasks to get to your goal.

Notebook helps you to reconcile, remember, be more productive and gives you peace of mind when you have everything written in one place.

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