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5 Slime Recipes That You’ll Definitely Want to Try

20May, 2017

5 diy slime recipes

I went to the local craft store other day and they were out of Elmer’s Glue. I was told they were running out of them all the time due to slime being so popular now.

Well of course I went to get some for my kids to make more slime, yes more – they are always coming up with these new recipes; glow in the dark slime, galaxy slime, glitter slime, edible slime, butter slime and so forth.

While I sat down with my kids looking for some new slime recipes, we were amazed to find there are so many cool and fancy recipes out there. And they are so easy! So here are some of our collections from the internet that you might like to try with your kids too. Have fun! More

A Simple Valentine Heart Card and Arrow Pencils

8February, 2017

valentines dayThis is a very simple valentine day craft to do with your kids.  My girls came up with the idea and with some clue and colorful papers and of course the pencils we were able to create these in just a few minutes. 

An easy project to do with your little ones this weekend.  My girls are planning to give out the pencils to their classmates with each child’s name written on the paper before adding it to the pencils.

So what we did was, we cut out the trianges and stick them to one end of the pencil using double-sided tape so that it’s easier for the kids to take them off and use the pencils.  We did the same thing on the other end of the pencil  – we made the shape to look like the end of an arrow.

For the cards, we printed out a cardstock with “YOU ARE MY VALENTINE” and using our cricut we cut out the heart shapes and added them to the cards using the glue.

Very simple and easy project.  Hope you’ll try it too.


Ladder to Success: Working Smarter, Not Harder

8February, 2017

37862102 - work smart not hard quote on notebook

Don’t get me wrong here. We have to work hard but working hard without making smart choices will not make you successful. We need to make smart moves or choices in order to be more productive. Working hard at something without understanding the priorities, without integrating organized system, or without getting enough sleep won’t help you achieve much.

It could lead you feeling tired, frustrated, doubtful and even angry. Making smart moves will help you get where you want to be in the future. It will help you concentrate on details that are important and get rid of things that do not contribute to your success. More

6 Smart Things to Do Every Night for a Great Tomorrow

Posted in KIDS & FAMILY
8February, 2017

Smart Things to Do Every Night for a Great Tomorrow_organized momThere are many of us who end up our day staying up late, watching TV, browsing internet, watching YouTube videos, spending hours on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Which is not a huge problem but it can impact your tomorrow.

When you do these things before going to bed are you fully ready for the next day? Are you happy with the way the day ended? May be or may be not. In fact, I used to do these – I used to spend lot of time browsing sites like Pinterest, and watching YouTube videos.

After few months, I noticed that I woke up with headaches, feeling tired and was so unorganized. I didn’t like that at all and started going to bed early. Which helped as I woke up less tired but my days especially mornings were still so unorganized which was stressing me out. More

New Year’s Resolution: Celebrate Life Every Day!

8February, 2017

celebrate lifeYes, that is my resolution for this year. I want to celebrate my life every day. In the past few months I’ve learnt a lot from life and one of them is that life is too short. And that we need to make the best of it by celebrating it every day.

When there is a celebration at home, for example, kid’s birthday party, graduation party, anniversary party – did you realize how excited we get? Why can’t we be that excited every day? Why can’t we enjoy each day the same way we enjoy when there is a celebration?

Definitely we can and that is exactly what I’ve started doing this year. Of course, we are not going to have parties or gatherings every day but there are simple little things we can do to enjoy our day. Things that make you happy, things that puts a smile on your face. More

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

10January, 2017

Wedding Cakes are the centerpiece of a wedding reception. The colors, the design, the decoration, the theme and of course what goes on top says a lot. So if you are looking for something unique to embellish your wedding cake with then check these out. Aren’t they adorable! The best part you can get them personalized too!


“One Love” – with heart and initials cake topper – This beautiful wedding decor comes in natural wood, metallic gold, rose gold or silver. More

Looking Fabulous in Black and Silver!

5November, 2016

black-and-silver-dressupBlack of course is always in fashion and this adorable dress in black and silver is sure going to blend in with any function.  I like the mermaid style which gracefully embraces the body and then along with that those sparkling silver shoes which reminds of Cindrella shoes.  The silver and pearl earrings are simple yet elegant and of course the black clutch with silver rhinestone work. This design is simple, glamourous, stylish and elegant – everything that a girl wants.


Get One of These Sequin Dresses for this Holiday Party

5November, 2016


Have you been wondering what to wear to that special holiday party – well check out these sequin dresses.  Adorn yourself with these beautiful dresses which are perfect for the season.  These dresses are priced at under $30. Designer dresses doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot – here is the chance to save BIG!


Bulk Up Your Makeup Supplies With Under $30!

4November, 2016


Many of you will agree that makeup can be eat quite a chunk of our budget if we are to buy them at a regular price – meaning without discounts. I’m always looking for deals and of course cheap or affordable makeup does not mean poor quality.  There are lots of makeup brands that are cheap yet made with good quality ingredients.  Here are few selection of makeup that you can purchase all for under $30!  Yes you read it right – under $30. More

Winter Coats That You Don’t Want to Miss

4November, 2016


Be warm during the winter without going out of style. Pair a winter coat with an elegant dress for a stunning effect.

This deal will be offered on 11/11/16 so make sure you take advantage of these very low prices!

Starting from the left: Elegant Faux Fur Coat will be offered at  $25.59, Winter Suede Coat will be offered at $26.99 , Winter Long Coat will be offered at $24.72,  and Suede Jacket offered at $35.99



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