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Why We Still Need Handwritten Letters

2February, 2018

handwritten letters
It’s becoming so rare that we communicate with family and friends via paper.  The technology has overtaken the art of handwritten letters.  We find emails, text messages, instant messaging, social media and phone calls more convenient as we are able to get in touch in a matter of a few seconds. These advancements allow us to keep in touch with people both close and far away.  We are also able to reconnect with those with whom we’ve lost contact.

However, these conveniences cannot replace the beauty of a handwritten letter.  The act of writing a note or letter to someone is constantly lost in our efforts to stay in touch, but it’s something to which we should get in the practice of doing.  Here are few reasons why handwritten will always remain so special. More

Get $10 off – An offer from Cricut

2February, 2018

cricut makerI love Cricut products and can’t believe now they have Cricut Maker  Here are few things about this incredible tool.

Here is how Cricut is defining the new Cricut Maker:

Feature summary: The power of a professional machine. The simplicity of Cricut.

  • Cuts the most materials. Cricut Maker cuts hundreds of materials quickly and accurately, from the most delicate fabric and paper to matboard and leather.
  • Digital sewing pattern library. Access hundreds of patterns from brands like Simplicity® and Riley Blake®. Pick a project, and the machine cuts all the pieces you need.
  • Expandable suite of tools. With its powerful blades, pens, and scoring tool, Cricut Maker grows with you as you learn each new craft.
  • Rotary Blade. With its gliding, rolling action, this blade cuts through virtually any fabric quickly and accurately – without backing material.
  • Knife Blade1 (coming in 2018). This extra-deep blade works like an X-ACTO knife to slice through heavier materials like 2.4 mm (3/32”) balsa wood and matboard with ease.
  • Washable fabric pen1. Automatically mark your pattern pieces so you’ll always know how they fit together.
  • Adaptive Tool System. This professional cutting technology intelligently controls the direction of the blade and adds up to 10X more cutting force.
  • Easy-to-learn Design Space® software. Fully loaded with advanced features including Offline Mode, Print Then Cut, and SnapMat. For iOS, Android, Windows®, and Mac®.
  • Flexibility to upload your own designs. Use your own images and fonts for free in a variety of standard file formats.
  • 50 ready-to-make projects. Includes 25 digital sewing patterns plus more projects that demonstrate what Cricut Maker can do.Check out this video

50 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

24January, 2018

bridesmaid gift ideas
Giving gifts to bridesmaid is not required, however, it’s a very nice way to express your gratitude and appreciation.  When gifting your bridesmaid, get creative and gift something that you know your bridesmaid will like. Think about their favorite colors, their style, and their taste.  I would also lean towards items that are trendy. 

You can decide when you want to hand out the bridesmaid gifts.  Before or after the wedding. When it comes to gifting, it’s very easy to run out of ideas or think of something unique.  Here is a list of 50 bridesmaid gift ideas which I’m sure your bridesmaid will love. More

7 Habits To Break To Start Enjoying Life More

24January, 2018

7 Habits to Break To Start Enjoying Life MoreIt’s true, life teaches us so many things, whether it’s from the mistakes we make, information we share with our friends, books we read, advice from others. Actually, life is a teaching process, and I think the more we know the better for us.  I’ve learnt a lot from my mistakes, the people I’ve met, articles I’ve read and honestly, I’ve found things that really made me wonder about some of my habits.  Am I really proud of them?  Do I really want to continue those habits?  Are those habits going to bring peace, love, prosperity and success for me?

Well the good thing is that these are my habits and I can break them anytime I want, especially if I know they are not good for me.  I’ve decided that in order to enjoy life more, I really want to let go off some of the habits and maybe replace them with better ones.  Fortunately, it’s never too late to start, so I’m on it.  Are you?  Here are few habits that maybe you can also get rid off, trust me, you’ll feel so much better. More

How to Boost Your Metabolism

24January, 2018

How To Boost Your MetabolismYour metabolism slows with age; therefore, it takes longer time to lose weight.  By boosting your metabolism, you’ll feel totally different – you’ll be able to sleep better, feel more energized, and lose weight faster.  Here are few easy ways you can boost your metabolism. The secret is doing this on a regular basis.  More

7 Simple Ways To Make Each Day Count

11January, 2018

7 Simple Ways To Make Each Day CountHow many times before going to bed, you felt like you made the best of your day?  You were able to achieve something, or felt happy about the day went and you are looking forward to next day spent the same way. You woke up feeling positive and went to bed feeling the same way. There are in fact very simple ways to make each day count and brighten up your life.  Here are 7 ways you can make each day count starting today. More

5 Surprising Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Own Success

11January, 2018

5 Surprising Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Own Success

We all want to be success.  We work hard to achieve what we want or live the way we dream of. But sometimes success seems too far no matter how hard we work.  This can cause frustrations and disappointments.  You work hard, meet your deadlines, do best at what you do but there is no sign of promotion.

Success has always been right in front of you, just waiting to be taken. You have just been sabotaging yourself to stop you from getting there. Here are five ways that you are sabotaging your success and probably don’t know it. More

My First Christmas Gifts

Posted in KIDS & FAMILY
26October, 2017

Baby's First Christmas Ornament, My First Christmas, First Christmas Ornament, Newborn First Christmas, Polar Bear Ornament, Child OrnamentCelebrating child’s first holiday is always special and some of us would go extra mile to make it even more special.  Christmas is one of the holidays that many of us are looking for unique ideas and gifts for our family and when it comes to the newborn we want something that would not only create a  beautiful memory but a keepsake that the newborn can cherish when he or she grows older. Here is a list of few My First Christmas gift ideas that you can use for your little one. More

Traveling to the South Pacific for Vacation

7August, 2017

south pacific vacationHave you been thinking of spending your next vacation in the South Pacific?  Enjoy and experience the rich history, unique cultures and stunning physical beauty?  The beauty of the South Pacific Islands and countries will leave you amazed with its beauty.  More

Starting an Online Business with Shopify

2August, 2017

How to start online business with shopifyHave you been thinking about taking your business online but unsure where or how to start?  If so, in this article we will talk about one of the easiest ecommerce tool Shopify which can help you start your online business or just bring an existing business to the online world. More


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