Practical and Beautiful Home Products

December 18, 2013

Nifty Home Products was founded in 1991 by Frank Tiemann, who wanted to solve everyday dilemmas with easy and handy solutions. Since then, the company has created over 50 patented products that are unique in the marketplace for both their design and function. They pride themselves on creating items that are practical and beautiful.

Banish clutter and disorganization with this powder-coated makeup carousel that organizes, stores and displays a variety of brushes, bottles, accessories and more. The spinning base ensures easy access to every item.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of coffee in the morning, and these drawers hold up to 36 Vue Packs for easy access. The space-saving design allows it to sit on top of the drawer for organizational delight.

These drawers hold up to 36 K-Cup portion packs.

 These drawers hold up to 54 coffee pods for easy access.

Ensure delicately crisp cookies and fast-cooling pies with this cooling rack that provides extra support for pies and cakes. The space-saving design collapses for easy storage, while the nonstick mesh grid supports even the tiniest cookies and candy.

Serve no-mess, no-waste cupcake cones at the next birthday party. This uniquely designed rack securely holds up to 12 cones for baking, decorating and serving. It fits medium and large cones and has a nonstick coating for easy cleanup.


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