Simple Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

March 11, 2016

Last weekend, I was reading an article about making positive differences in other people’s life.  How can we make them feel great and put a smile on their faces?Here are few things that we can do to brighten up someone’s day.

Sometimes we are so busy and don’t have enough time to focus on small positive acts.  When someone does something for us we feel so happy and appreciative.  How about if we do something for others and let them feel happy and appreciative.

Leave a thank you note

Show your gratitude by leaving a thank you note.  It can be your husband, your friend, someone from work and even your child.  The note doesn’t have to be in a paper form only, you can email or text.  A sweet thank you message will make the person feel proud and happy.

Share an inspirational message

We all have ups and downs in our lives.  Send an inspirational message or note to someone will make them feel better.  It will help them confront the issue and move on.  It will help them see the brighter side.

Give a gift

Gifts like a box of chocolate, an inspirational book, or a bag of bagels can make someone feel so special.  Receiving gifts is always a happy moment.  Small kindness like this can make a huge difference for them.

Be thoughtful

How about things like washing the your partner’s car, taking the printouts to the coworker from the printer, starting the car in the morning to heat it up for your partner, or even holding the door open for someone.  These little things does make a difference.

Don’t Hesitate to Compliment

Say good things to someone. Compliment about their great work, about their clothes, about how great they are at something like music, cooking, reading and so forth.

Help Kids with their Chores

How about helping your kids with their chores?  It really gets my kids excited when I offer to help them out. They keep saying “thank you” and appreciate all the help.  I just love the smiles on their faces.

Send a handwritten Letter

What’s more special than a handwritten letter? It not only shows the time and effort you put in the letter but it also shows your affection.  It shows your kindness, your love and your caring for them.

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