Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

March 18, 2013

It is amazing that hiring managers are receiving more than 100 resumes in the first hour of posting a job especially due to high unemployment rate that we are experiencing now. Yes the competition is fierce in the job market. How will yours stand out and get selected?

I’ve been given a task to write a resume for my cousin who has been looking for a job for the past 5 months and wants his resume to be re-written. Here are few tips that I would like to share with you in case you are also writing one for yourself.

Avoid Fancy Font

It is very important that your resume is easy to read. Fancy fonts sometimes make it difficult to read and if that happens your resume will be placed aside. Use standard font type such as Arial, Times New Roman and Georgia at 10 to 12 font size. Also use the same font type throughout the resume. You can change the font size for specific subheadings or make it bold. A well written resume will include the following subheadings: Contact Info, Summary of Core Qualifications, Relevant Work Experience, Relevant Volunteer and Other Experience, Education and Honors & Awards.

Keep it Well Organized

Neatness is very important. Keep important points at the top of your resume so that hiring manager can learn about your experience as soon as they start reading it. List your most relevant skills and experience first and then add other pertinent information. Include important keywords – researching and identifying buzzwords by visiting and reviewing organization’s websites, reviewing job descriptions are couple ways to find out the keywords.

Error Free

It is very critical to proofread your resume or have someone check it for you. You don’t want to send a resume with misspellings or typos. If that happens, your resume will be tossed away. Make sure periods, commas or bullet points are used appropriately. Grammar should be correct as well.

Keep it Updated

Updating your resume regularly is important. Maybe you need to add new buzzwords, new skill that you learned, education achievements, etc. If there is a last minute job application then you will know that you have an updated resume which is ready to be shared.

Here are few books that teach you how to write excellent resumes. You may find these helpful as well.


  1. Unbeatable Resumes: America’s Top Recruiter Reveals What REALLY Gets You Hired
  2. Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer (Resume Magic Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer)
  3. Résumés Are Dead and What to Do About It [Kindle Edition] Do you have a kindle?
  4. Knock ’em Dead Resumes: How to Write a Killer Resume That Gets You Job Interviews (Resumes That Knock ’em Dead)


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