April 5, 2016

Little things can exhaust you both mentally and physically which makes it a bit difficult to get things done. You must be wondering that you are able to get plenty of sleep so it must be the busy lifestyle that’s causing the tiredness.  Some of the things increased fatigue can lead to headaches, depression, joint pain, poor concentration, and food cravings. However, according to experts, there are some not so good habits that can make you feel tired and making small and simple changes can help overcome the issue.

  1. Not Eating Enough Right Food

When you don’t eat enough food or consume wrong foods (foods mainly made with white flour and sugar) then that can make you feel fatigued.  The simple way to correct this is to choose foods that release energy more slowly and provide you with a gradual boost of long-lasting energy.

Try to include food like oatmeal which supports digestive health, yogurt which contains probiotics (beneficial bacteria).  Just like fiber, probiotics are a powerful digestive aid and spinach which is extremely rich in magnesium and potassium.   Avoid starting your day with foods made with white flour and sugar like doughnuts which will leave you weak and sluggish.

 2.    Skipping Exercise

We all know the importance of daily exercise. You must be thinking that exercise will make you feel more tired. Actually exercise can rev up your energy levels and help you feel more peaceful and happy.  Plus it helps people to sleep better. Exercise helps to keep the bones strong which means strong body.  One of the biggest reasons people skip exercise is lack of interest.  If that’s the case with you then try different sports and activities that can help you stay strong and fit. Try bicycling, hiking, playing soccer or tennis, swimming, and so forth to keep yourself healthy and energized.

3.    Lack of Iron

Anemia (iron Deficiency) occurs when your body doesn’t have enough iron. You end up feeling weak and tire our more easily.  You also feel dizzy, have headaches and have trouble concentrating. 

Iron helps you get enough oxygen throughout your body and when less oxygen travel to the muscles and cells it makes you feel tired. It is important to see your doctor for tests and find out if you are lacking iron. If you are then your doctor may recommend you take iron supplement pills and eat food rich in iron such as dark, leafy greens, fish, eggs, nuts and dried fruit and fresh food.

4.    Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water every day is a key component of optimal health. However, many of us don’t drink enough water to keep ourselves well hydrated. Your body needs water for proper functioning of blood circulation, metabolism, and waste removal. When you don’t drink enough water you will feel fatigue and dizziness, have mood swings, poor concentration, muscle cramps, joint ache, headaches, and sugar cravings.  Dehydration can be life threatening, therefore, drink lots of water to feel the best.

5.    Not Organized

Another thing that makes your feel tired is disorganization.  A messy or disorganized home or office will make it challenging for your brain to concentrate and do things more efficiently. Instead of helping you start the day positively, the mess will make you feel tired and negative. When you look at the piles of things or list of To-Dos you naturally feel less energized.  By taking care of the mess and getting things more organized you will be able to create more time for yourself and enable you to live a more balanced life.  It will help you make healthier choices and even boost your workout.

6.    Not Taking Breaks

Taking care of work, household, school stuff, family plans – we women always have a lot to do.  There are times when we hardly get a chance to sit down and relax.  This can really burn out the energy and make you feel tired all the time. Take a break from your daily chores and maybe a take a short vacation from work.  During this break time do what makes your feel good, and well rested.  Don’t take on projects that will leave you more tired.  Use this break time to relax and rejuvenate and do yourself a big favor by getting lots of rest.


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