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Why We Still Need Handwritten Letters

February 2, 2018

It’s becoming so rare that we communicate with family and friends via paper.  The technology has overtaken the art of handwritten letters.  We find emails, text messages, instant messaging, social media and phone calls more convenient as we are able to get in touch in a matter of a few seconds. These advancements allow us to keep in touch with people both close and far away.  We are also able to reconnect with those with whom we’ve lost contact.

However, these conveniences cannot replace the beauty of a handwritten letter.  The act of writing a note or letter to someone is constantly lost in our efforts to stay in touch, but it’s something to which we should get in the practice of doing.  Here are few reasons why handwritten will always remain so special.

    • Handwritten letters show that you care. The time, effort and thoughtfulness put into a handwritten letter show your affection and how much you care about the person you are writing the letter to. 
    • Handwritten letters are unique. How you compose your letter, the words you chose are so much personal than typed ones. It gives the letter a unique identification.

    • Handwritten letters last. When you receive a handwritten letter you cherish it or keep it with your other special notes and items that are full of memories.  Handwritten letters means more than just a message on a piece paper.  It is the feelings and moments preserved through writing.
    • Handwritten letters signify the importance of a relationship.  Taking time to write a letter to someone shows how much you cherish a relationship.  It shows how keeping in touch with your loved ones mean to you.  It helps to strengthen the bond between each relationship.
    • Handwritten letters create excitement. Receiving an envelope with a handwritten letter inside is certainly a joyous and exciting experience.  The person you write the letter is delighted to know that you had time to think about him or her.

  • Handwritten letters allow you to express. When you start writing you are able to choose words that allow you to express our feelings and emotions during a given moment.  It helps you remember what you wanted to share and are able to write those thoughts down.


  • Handwritten letters make you feel happier. Most of the time what we get in the mail is bills and advertisements.  Imagine finding an envelope with a handwritten note from a loved one.  Won’t that make you feel happy? The feeling that your letter will put a smile on the receiver’s face will make you feel happy and proud.

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