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10 Tips for Dealing with Change Positively in Your workplace

January 19, 2016

Change is inevitable and is necessary these days in order for businesses and organizations to thrive. But sometimes these changes are taken negatively which contributes to feeling uncomfortable.  Downsizing, relocation, mergers, reorganization or restructuring, and technology are all causes of changes at work that can create challenges.  Here are few tips for overcoming fear and embracing those changes at workplace.

  1. Acknowledge the change.  It is important to recognize and accept the changes. This will help you better manage the changes without much stress.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude. Negative thoughts would create fear whereas remaining positive will help you see the bright side of those changes.  For a smoother transition keep your spirits up and your self-esteem intact and keep doing your best at your job.
  3. Stay focused. It’s easy to get distracted when changes are occurring.  Staying focused and doing what you are there to do will help keep the negative feelings away.  Concentrate on your goals and commitments.
  4. Be flexible.  As mentioned earlier, change is inevitable so be open and flexible to taking on new challenges and tasks. Rather than worrying about the outcome, take steps on learning and improving your skills and ask for additional responsibilities.
  5. Communicate and share concerns.  Reach out to your immediate manager and discuss your concerns.  Maybe those changes are not as bad as you think they are. Plus it might open up a path for you to better solutions.
  6. Be part of the change.  Denying is not the best solution and in fact it can have adverse impact on your career.  Instead welcome the changes as an opportunity.  Participate and work with your teams and adopt the changes like a leader.  Set a good example for your team mates.
  7. Confront your fears.  When you fear the changes taking place reach out to someone for help.  Talk to your family and loved ones.  Write down the fears and really put some thoughts into that.  Ask yourself, do you really need to fear about those things?  What are the alternatives?  Come up with backup plans and you will be so much relieved.  Work on those fears rather than hiding.  Keep yourself challenged!
  8. Keep it professional.  What goes at your workplace is part of your professional life.  Mixing your workplace change fears with your personal life can impact your family members as well.  Hence, it’s so important to stay positive and allow yourself to cope with one transition at a time.
  9. Reduce stress and anxiety.  When you are stressed the very first thing you lose is the energy. In order to stay focused, positive, active you need the energy. It’s very important to get enough sleep, do exercise, eat healthy and spend time with your family.  This will keep you calm and help you make good decisions.
  10. Remain open-minded.  Business and organizations go through changes continuously in order to keep up with the industry.  We all need to accept that fact.  Yes change can be frightening and disruptive, but you need the right attitude and actions in order to find opportunities in those changes.

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