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17 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

March 2, 2018

Weddings are very special and every bride dreams of an over-the-top wedding. Wedding that is luxuriously decorated and styled with prettiest flowers, exclusive photo booth, lavish reception with deluxe menu, etc. This type of wedding can be quite expensive and unfortunately cannot fit every bride’s budget. 

However, with some extensive planning you can design yourself a wedding that you are most comfortable with. There are many ways you can save on your wedding day and here we have 17 ideas that can undoubtedly help you achieve that without sacrificing of style. Before we dive into those ideas, the very first step is to discuss the budget with your fiancé. Having both of you on the same page regarding the budget will help you choose the areas where you can save and make the whole process of saving more seamless.Simply set your priorities and you will be able to use your money wisely.

Here are 17 simple ways to save on your wedding day.

Take your time.  The very first tip for saving money on your wedding day is to take your time planning it. Start early, do your research, check out the venues and pricing, off-season specials, and sales.  Search for ideas and write them down.  Save photos of what you like, search the internet for DIYs that you can use for your wedding and save money. 

Consider off-season. Usually spring and summer are more popular months for weddings.  Go off-season by getting married in winter months which are less popular and you’ll be able to save on venue and vendors. 

Avoid getting married on a Saturday. Most brides choose Saturday as their wedding day, so that their families and friends don’t have to take extra day off from work or making sure all the guests are able to attend the ceremony. Tying the knot on a Friday or Sunday will reduce the cost of your wedding since some venues charge less for those days by offering a great discount.

Avoid venues that require you to use their vendor.
  Many venues require to use their caterer, bartender, or DJ.  Once you add up the cost, it can eat quite a chunk of your budget.  Getting your vendors will be much cheaper.  Look up local directories and online for vendors who offer more than one service.  For example, there are vendors who would offer both catering and bartending and possibly offer a discount for choosing both services. Also ask your families and friends about vendors they have worked with or know, you possibly and end up getting one at a cheaper price. 

Save on fees. Some vendors tend to charge delivery or setup fees, for example, a vendor may charge a small fee to deliver the table and chairs and for the setup.  If you have someone who can pick up the items for you that would save you few bucks.  Don’t hesitate to ask families and friends for help.  They would love to help.

guest_list_weddingReconsider the guest list.  Yes, it’s true we want everyone that we know to be at the wedding.  However, a long guest list can add up the cost.  Be selective and invite those that you really want to be at your wedding.  Stick with close family and friends. A shorter guest list will save you on catering, invitations, centerpieces and even venue. Smaller space will cost you less.

digital-wedding-invitationsGo easy on stationery.  When it comes to stationery; it can be quite overwhelming due to so many options out there – the style, the theme, the layout, the color, the quality, the enclosures. However, there are few ways to cut the cost.  You can go digital.  Email the invitations to the guests or post it on Facebook.  Digital invitations are very easy to design, you can work with a friend or relative to design one and for that you can use an online tool like picmonkey.  Or you can have someone else design it for you and for that I highly recommend Etsy.  You will get to work with the actual designer and provide the details of how you want the invitation to look like.  The designer works very closely with you making sure you are satisfied with the end-product. 

You can also purchase a digital invitation, print it yourself and mail it to your guests. Ask your family and friends to help you with addressing and assembling.  Another area where you can save is using the seating chart poster instead of personal escort cards.  Seating chart posters are getting more popular. Instead of individual ceremony program opt for one per couple.  Same with the menu card, choose one per table instead of one per guest.  This will reduce your printing charges.

wedding websiteGet a website for your wedding details.  There are many vendors who offer free websites like Minted.  A website will end up helping you save both money and time.  Guests can use your website for RSVP, plus find all the details of the wedding. It is so convenient, guests will be able to response within a day or two which will help you get the count ahead of time, giving you more time for preparing.

inexpensive-wedding-flowersUse Less Expensive Flowers. Flowers are expensive, so select ones that are in season. Check your local grocery stores.  They carry locally grown flowers that are in season and sometimes half the price then what you would pay at a floral store. I also recommend checking with your family and friends and see if they have fresh flowers in their yard.  You can use those for the bridesmaid’s bouquets or the centerpiece.

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simple-wedding-table-decorationCut down the table decorations.Using simple yet elegant centerpieces won’t only cost you less but will be greatly appreciated by your guests. Tall, alluring centerpieces are great; however, it can end up obstructing the view of people across their table as well as other parts like the speech, cake cutting and even first dance.  Keep it simple by using items related to the theme like shells for seaside or beach theme.  Or use candles for a more romantic look and feel.

Avoid fancy linens. Instead of renting expensive fancy linens, dress up the tables with something cheaper.  For example, you can use the venue’s standard linen and give it a luxurious look by adding a decorative runner. Another way to save is to use bigger tables.  You will need fewer tablecloths plus centerpieces.

simple-one-tier-wedding-cakeKeep the cake simple.  Cakes are expensive depending on the size, style, decoration, and flavors. Aim for simplicity which is the best option when it comes to cake.  Order a small cake with one or two tiers and supplement it with a larger sheet cake which is to be hidden in the kitchen.  Select flavors that are more common like vanilla, strawberry instead of exotic ones like mango or passionfruit. Use your own fresh flowers to decorate the cake instead of sugar ones. Use affordable yet elegant cake topper to add more dimension to the cake, for which again I’d refer to use Etsy.  It will give you many ideas plus you’ll get to compare prices and work closely with the designer.

Keep your menu simple. By reducing the number of overall dinner courses to three will cost you less.  Select specialties of the season and region which will be less expensive.

Photographer.  You don’t need a photographer for the entire day.  Book the photographer for the hours that you really need him/her. Also, when selecting a photographer do find out if they charge any overtime fees. This way you’ll make sure all the pictures are taken within the timeframe. To save more, look for new photographers.  They need to build their portfolio, so sometimes they would offer more affordable pricing to get customers. You also need a photographer that is easy to work with and able to adjust to your schedule.

Avoid Transport Costs. Select venues where you can have both, the wedding and reception or it should be walking distance to each other. This way you won’t need the transportation, limos or other fancy transport.  Plus you won’t have to deal with the stress of getting to the reception on time.

Consider renting a house for the wedding and for lodging. Along with the venue costs, you also have the lodging costs.  Depending where you planning to get married, combine the costs if possible.  You can use the rented house for the wedding venue, lodging for out of town guests and use it for a romantic getaway. Renting one during off-season will save you more. This will also allow you to do your own catering, like having a BBQ for the reception.

easy-simple-wedding-photo-boothCreate your own photo booth.  You can have a photo booth without spending more than you want to.  You can use materials like gift wrapping paper, card stock, crepe paper, balloons, flowers, to create a beautiful backdrop for your photo booth.  You can even use props which are so much fun! I’m sure you will find many ideas on Pinterest.

I hope these tips will help you save money on your wedding day.  The key is to know what you want and what you don’t want or need.  Make a list and go through the items with your fiancé.  Everyone’s taste is different.  There maybe things that are important for you to have on your wedding day and same applies to your partner.  Work together and eliminate unnecessary additions, keep it simple, you’ll be much more relaxed and won’t have to deal with aftermath expenses.Happiness is important so plan smartly.

All the best!

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