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38 Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home

August 31, 2018

Many women have found ways to make money from home. When you hear making money from home, the first thing comes to mind is online.  You’ll be amazed how many ways you can make money not just online but offline as well.

In this article, you’ll find a list of legitimate ways to make money from home. This list does not include all of them, but these are most popular ones.

The challenge is to find something that you can do.  Something that you are passionate about. For example; if you love pets, then pet sitting might be the best one to start with.

These services can be provided part-time and full-time depending how much time you have.  If you plan to make and sell products then you’ll also need to cultivate some time to create those items.  Again, nothing is impossible, if you know you can do it.

Here are 38 legitimate ways to make money from home.

Virtual Assistant

If you have a computer with internet connection and got good communication and organizing skills, working as Virtual Assistant is a perfect fit for you.  You can get more information on how to start your Virtual Assistant business by reading this article.  I also recommend getting formal training provided by VAClassroom

VAClassroom inspires and educates Virtual Assistants to develop in-demand skills, create new income opportunities and design a flexible and rewarding business!


Transcription Services

This specialty requires that you are able to type reasonably fast and check and correct spelling and grammar. There are internet marketers who need someone to translate those recorded webinars, podcasts or teleconferences into a written version. 

One way to confirm if this is something you want to do is by enrolling in Transcription Foundations: Free 7-Lesson Mini-Course.

There is also a medical transcription services which would require specialty training.  If you’ve been thinking about starting your own transcription business but not so sure, try this FREE mini course.  This will give you an idea whether transcription services is something you’d like to do.



You don’t need to be an accountant to do bookkeeping from home. You will take client’s data consisting of transactions like payments, expenses, etc. and organizing them into accounts. So, you will be providing the clients with a set of financial statements.


Social Media Consultant

Many businesses are looking for qualified consultant who knows the ins and outs of social media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter.  This will help them generate more sales.  In order to prepare yourself best for this profession read books on how to become a social media expert – you will find many on Amazon like Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business and Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives: Ethical and Effective Online Marketing 

You can also use our Social Media Planner to help you guide your clients with social media planning.


Freelance Writer

If you have a passion for writing, then freelance writing is something that you might want to look at.  There are plenty of websites looking for freelancers to write, edit or product content for them.  Visit Fiverr for freelancing work. 

Hirewriters.com and join their team and check out the opportunities. Or you can try Fiverr.


Web Design

There are lots of people who are looking for someone to build them a basic website.  If you are someone with that skill then go for it.  Let your family and friends know that you can design websites and pass out business cards. Same thing with graphic design, there are small businesses that are looking for someone to make their logo or Facebook page banner to make it look more professional. 

The best way to get some ideas is to visit Etsy.com. There are lots of amazing artisans who are designing beautiful customized graphics for their customers.  You can also sign up with Shopify and work with customers to build their sites through Shopify.  You will get commission for each client that signs up with Shopify. You can check out this article to learn more about Shopify: Starting an Online Business with Shopify

Another resource for marketing your new business is Fiverr, where you can get clients with different budgets.  Fiverr is a great way to launch your business.  If you do end up designing websites or blogs, consider WordPress as your platform and Bluehost for domain name and web hosting.  These are not only affordable but very user friendly service providers.



Every parent wants her child to be in good hands.  Since you already have experience watching and taking care of your own kids, you can one or two more kids at the same time and earn some income.


Pet sitting

If you love pets then you will love to spend time looking after them.  Zaarly.com is a website that connects those offering random services like this with buyers of these services.



If you have an academic background and can tutor couple hours during the week then this is something that can work out for you.  Sign on with an online tutoring company such as tutor.com



If you have passion for taking photos, you can sell and earn money through online sites like shutterstock.com and dreamstime.com.  The better the picture you provide, the more money you make. Highly recommend SmugMug who can help you create your own brand website and share your portfolio with clients. Another way to share your portfolio is using a professionally bound book with your photos and you can get one through Mixbook and Blurb.  All you have to do is select the size of your book, style and upload your photos and you will get a professional looking book shipped to you.

If you want to take your photo shooting skills to next level, check out CreativeLive who offers photography classes such as The Business of Photography, Fundamentals of Photography, Location Lighting, Fine Art Photography and many more.

If you’re still not sure about starting a photography business, read this article which has all the pros and cons plus the details you need to setup your business.


Mystery Shopper

Wow! You get to shop and get paid!  Mystery shopper is a person who is hired by a company to shop like a regular shopper and get paid.  While shopping you will pay attention to cleanliness of the store, customer service, how easy to find products you are looking for and so on.


Sell Baked Goods

There are lot of mothers who are working full-time and don’t have enough time to whip up a birthday treats in time. That is where you come in if you can create tasty baked goods.  Post pictures of your baked goods on Facebook page.  That is one way to start marketing and telling your family and friends about your service. You can also sell them on Etsy.com.


Make and Sell Products

You can sell these to your neighbors, your friends and even online like Etsy.com and Amazon.com.  Most of the materials that you would need to make these are easy to find online or in your local stores. Check your local community services department.  They usually offer classes on knitting, crocheting, making jewelry, soap-making, and so forth.

Get some training if you don’t already have or you can even get lots of ideas by watching YouTube videos. To get more professional and for more ideas and tips, try Craftsy, who offers many online classes like quilting, baking, photography, knitting, sewing, art, jewelry, embroidery, gardening, wood work, and paper crafts. They offer classes at all levels and the best part is that you can take the classes online!

Make bath and body products like lotions and soap, make and sell handmade jewelry, make and sell crochet or knit goods or design and sell digital sewing patterns.  It’s all about your passion and interest.  Create and sell something that you love and know you are good at.  You’ll be able to do so much better doing things that you know and have interest in.

Related Article:  How to Start Your Own Soap Business Part 1 and Part 2


Join Direct Selling

Direct selling is a retail channel where you sell recognizable brands of products to consumers directly instead of traditional retail stores or outlets.  There are many of them and you can search online by vising Direct Selling Association (www.dsa.org). This is a perfect business for someone who has lots of friends because this business can be most successful via home parties and word-of-mouth. 

The good thing about direct selling is you can get registered with a company that offers products that you have interest in and would love to sell them to friends and family.  For example; if you love jewelry then Stella & Dot would be perfect for you.


Complete Online Surveys

Earn money by taking quick and easy online surveys.  When signing up with online survey providers, do not give out personal or financial information such as you social security number.  Use a new email address for the surveys, read the terms and conditions before signing up and make sure they are going to pay you real money. 

Be patient, you will have lots of surveys to complete in order to get paid and some of them will take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Being realistic will keep you motivated, remember, you are trying to earn extra income not earn a living wage.  Swagbucks has an A+ rating with BBB.

This is a free site that offers you a few ways to earn cash, gift cards or other rewards.  You can earn money by a variety of ways such as:

  • Using their search engine
  • Answering polls
  • Getting cash back for shopping online
  • Taking surveys
  • Playing games on their site


Teach English

If you have teaching skills, eligible to work in the US or Canada and hold a bachelor’s degree, you can earn $15 to $20 an hour teaching English to young students in China via video chart with VIPKid.


Affiliate Marketing

If you own a blog or a website you can refer products to your online visitiors and earn a small commission on each sale.  Here’s our post that talks about Affiliate Marketing is and how you can make money. If you are highly interested in Affiliate Marketing, I recommend checking out sites like Shareasale, Affiliate Window, Rakuten Marketing… .


Rent it out

Do you have an extra room in your house that is not being used for anything?  You can earn money renting it out to visitors on Airbnb.com.  It’s an easy money to supplement your mortgage or rent plus you get to meet interesting people.

Or maybe you have a second house (vacation house) that you can rent out.  Register with Booking.com and get your house listed on their website. 



Do you love driving and if you’re free especially mornings, nights or weekends, you can earn extra cash driving people around. Sign up with Lyft (who offers a $250 sign-up bonus) or Uber to get started.


Delivery Service

Earn money by delivering take-out order in your town with services like UberEATS.  The best part is you can set your own hours.



Making money blogging is not difficult if you follow the good practice of wiring and building your audience.

If you love to write about something you’re are passionate about, you can build a successful blog. Read these articles to learn more about blogging:

Want to start a blog of your own? Check out my our step-by-step tutorial on how to start your own site.


Teaching Online

Do you love to teach? Are you an expert in certain field/area? If so there are impressive online education platforms like Craftsy where you can teach students on certain subjects or help them learn and create crafts.  You can create your own course around the topic or item you are expert in.


Join TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit offers a platform where you can earn money in your spare time completing tasks.  It also allows you to complete virtual work like researching, sending emails and other tasks.



If you love to read, proofreading is a perfect way to earn extra cash.  Set up your shop on Upwork as a proofreader and bid on jobs that you’ll love to work on. You can also use Fiverr.

Proofreading is the best way to leverage your world skills to build a solid work-at-home business as a general proofreader.  Check out ProofreadAnywhere for courses to help you start your proofreading business.

Sports Coaching

If you are pretty good at sports, coaching can help you earn extra cash.  School teams are sometimes in need of coaching help and this is a fun and exciting opportunity.


Build Wedding Websites

There are many who would love to have their own websites or blogs but either don’t have the time or don’t know how to create one. If you have the expertise, you can generate a decent income by building websites.  

Minted works with designers who can offer new, trendy and stylish websites for their clients.  Visit their site to learn more about this opportunity. 

If you are new to web building, check out this step-by-step tutorial on the fastest and cheapest way to build a website. This will provide you with real-time experience building a website.



Do you have a passion for cooking and come up with delicious dishes that people would love?  Catering business is easier to start than a restaurant.  You don’t need lot of capital to start with.



There’s always a need for consultants like health consultant, business consultant, technology consultant, career consultant… If you’re an expert in certain area you can start your own consulting business and help other people and businesses flourish with your advice.


Resume Writing

If you have some hiring experience, you know what recruiters look for when scanning the resumes.  You can help the job seekers by creating professional looking resumes and cover letters for them. 


Dog Walking

It’s hard to believe but there are people who are too busy to walk their own dogs and need help.  Spread the words about you business by posting flyers in your neighborhood, or by setting up your profile on WagWalking.com.


Online Dropshipping

You probably already heard about dropshipping, it simply is setting up your own online store and processing the sales without carrying the actual products.  Instead, the products will by warehoused by the seller (manufacturer or wholesaler) and they will handle the shipping as well.  For example, you work with sellers from Aliexpress.  You sell their products through your website or through platforms like Amazon, or Shopify.  Once the order is placed by your client, you send the order info to the wholesaler or manufacturer like Aliexpress and they will ship the item directly to your client. 


Stationery Designing

Everyone wants a customized unique invitation cards for weddings, parties and other celebrations.  If you have good designing skills, you can sell your designs on Etsy.com.  You can browse Etsy and see what other designers are offering and create your own unique designs.  You can also partner with Minted and sell your designs through their platform.


Graphic Designing

If you are artistic and love graphic designing like clip arts, logos, covers pages, you can sell your design online, again on Etsy.com.  There are many designers who are able to earn extra income by selling their graphic designs online. Or you can sign up with Fiverr and freelance your design work.


Event Planning

If you are an organized person and keen at details, event planning might work out perfectly for you.  As an event planner you will meet with clients to understand the purpose of the even, plan the event like time, location, program, coordinate event services like transportation, catering and so forth.  If you need additional information on Event Planning check out Event Planning Blueprint – it has all the information you need plus you can get a FREE Mini-Course on Event Planning!


Teaching Music

Who doesn’t love music and teaching music is even more fun and entertaining. You can offer classes at your client’s site which would be one advantage to your business, since lots of people don’t like traveling.


Tour Guide Service

Are you familiar enough with the city you live in or certain attractions around your area?  Are you good at interacting with people and keeping them entertained.  If you do  you can provide services as a tour guide.  The best way to start is get your website up with all the information on the services you  provide and share your flyers with local visitor’s center, or have your ads in local newspaper or magazines.


Online Travel Agent

If you love traveling and are familiar with type of deals traveler’s are looking for, starting your own online travel agency is a good way to earn extra cash.  There are several online travel agencies offering training on how to start your own travel agency. 

There are two types of travel agents: corporate and leisure.  A corporate travel agent makes arrangement for companies whose employees travel for their wor and a leisure travel agent books personal vacations for individuals.


YouTube Channel Host

Vlogging has been so popular that Google who owns YouTube is paying channel owners to host their ads on their videos.  Simply, if your videos generate a lot of YouTube videos, you earn money with their revenue sharing program.



So, you see, there are many ways to make money from home.  You need to decide which one works best for you.  You don’t have to go with one way – there are many women who are making money from home via variety of ways.



DISCLOSURE: Many of the links in the article above, and throughout this site, are affiliate links. While there’s no additional cost to you, any purchases made via those links may earn me a commission.


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