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4 Mommy Skills You Can Use at Work

June 28, 2016

Moms learn and use efficient techniques everyday at home.  From organizing family schedules, maintaining the house, managing the finance, entertaining to everything else that takes place at home, moms are experts at handling these types of tasks. We have the power of motivating and keeping the family safe, healthy and happy! Using the same approach moms can be more productive and make better leaders or boss.  A mother is able to handle conflicts and find effective resolutions skillfully, able to handle communication issues, and takes caution when making decisions – how would that decision impact others.

So here are few of those premiums that you as a mom can use at work and excel to the top.

Multi-tasking. Without doubt moms are able to handle several tasks at once and the outcome is they become more and more efficient each day. As an efficient person you can make your company more efficient and productive.  You can handle multiple projects and still meet the deadline since you are so used to doing that at home.

Prioritize.  There are lots of people who are unable to do prioritize adequately.  Prioritizing is a skill that moms use everyday – prioritize the house work, prioritize the family activities, and so much more.  This skill will help you prioritize most important tasks and get them completed in a timely manner.  It will help you take care of assignments without feeling stressed and energy-less.

Focus.  Ability to focus on importance, expected results, advantages, resources is a critical skillexhibited by moms. Staying conscious of what, why, how and when – mothers are able to lead teams more proficiently. They are able to make better decisions and conduct efficient project management which helps teams produce better results at work without spending too much on resources. 

Diplomacy. Teaching discipline is an important responsibility at home and the ability to do this makes mom a better candidate for a leader. In her is that diplomacy necessary in dealing with people of power and influence. She is able to stand and protect her team, she is able to make sure her team is treated fairly and rewarded for their hard work.


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