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4 Ways to Create a Happy Family

May 27, 2016

Obviously, a happy home means a happy atmosphere which means a happy family.  Happy home is what everyone whether adults or children look forward to after work or school. Everyone wants a happy home – wants to feel loved and wants to feel HAPPY!  We as parents have that ability and the responsibility to create a happy home for our children.  A home where they always feel loved, where they feel safe and where they feel important and respected.

Creating a happy home is easy and to help with that here are few simple ways to accomplish that.

Spend quality time together.  The very first thing to do in order to create a happy family is to spend quality time together. There are many ways to spend time together like eating together, reading together, doing fun activities together. Put those phones and other gadgets down and carve out time out of your schedules to spend with your loved ones.   This will help you bond with them and get to know them better each day.  The time spent together will strengthen your family and keep you close to each other. For more ideas read our article 6 Ways to Make More Time for Your Kids.

Respect for every member of the family.  Each member of the family should be treated respectfully. In order to help develop love for each other, parents need to make sure that children too are given the same respect that they expect from them (children).  Parents need to set the best role model and appreciate each member and treat them equally.  Children should be praised for accomplishments and should have the support when needed.  Yelling, screaming, shouting does not set an environment of respect and acceptance.  It relays negative impact like aggression, fear, isolation which is not part of a happy family.  By treating each other with respect and honor you will help create a happy family.

Slow down and relax.  According to studies, proper sleep and rest is critical for good health.  And good health leads to be able to enjoy your life and do things that you want to.  Yes there are lots to be done in a day but if you don’t slow down you will start feeling miserable which can lead you feeling stressed.  Stress can cause issues at home and again that yelling and screaming will show up.   Place relaxation on your priority list and spend time to relax with your loved ones.  Stop pushing your kids do this, do that, then that – give them a break.  Create a chore schedule so everyone knows what they need to do.  Don’t overload them with too many chores.  Every day spend 30 minutes doing activities like crafting, playing board game, reading together.  This will help everyone relax and enjoy the moment.

Enforce good communication. Good communication is vital in order to understand each other. Once we are heard and understood things become so much easier and clear which makes us happy. Listen attentively when your children are talking to you.  Not only you show a good example but it also shows that you care. Don’t interrupt when they are talking, children get distracted very quickly so it’s important to let them talk when they are.  Ask questions and help them express themselves easily and say what they really want to say.  Always end the communication with positive notes.

Listed above are just few of the ways you can create a happy family, there are many more.  Creating a happy family doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time so be patient and enjoy while doing it.  Always remind yourself that you are doing this for your loved ones and of course yourself. Everyone wants to be surrounded with love and happiness!

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