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5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Skipping Your Lunch Break

September 30, 2016

There are many of you who have fallen into a habit of skipping lunch breaks. Skipping lunch breaks may be hurting you more than you realize. You might be thinking that you are able to get more work completed by skipping lunch but is that really good for your health?  Here are few reasons why skipping your lunch break should be stopped.


Skipping Lunch Break Reduces Energy Level.  Food provides energy which is very essential for us to stay healthy.  You need the essential nutrients to fuel your body.  Getting proper energy will keep you more alert, help you complete your work more diligently and create less mistakes or errors.  Lack of energy will make you feel tired and cranky.


Skipping Lunch Break Makes Your Eyes More Tired. Scrolling through social media either on computer or phone can leave your eyes feeling irritated, dry and tired. Spending too much time staring at screen can make your eyes weak plus give you head and back ache. Instead, grab your favorite book and magazine during your lunch break. Reading or flipping through your book or magazine will help you escape into a fantasy and help you feel relaxed.


Skipping Lunch Reduces Productivity.  Many think that working through lunch is making them more productive.  The truth is no matter how busy you are, skipping lunch won’t improve productivity.  You will end up feeling more tired and exhausted the rest of the day which can slow you down.  So take your lunch break, eat healthy and get yourself ready for the rest of the day.


Skipping Lunch Reduces Creativity. When taking lunch break, you are changing your location, you are able to relax plus and you get in conversation with others. This can boost your creative thinking; you can come up with new ideas. You get creative ideas about improving your work, or doing something different that would be beneficial for your team, department and the company.


Skipping Lunch Reduces Positive Energy.  Positive energy is very important for you to be successful.  Not taking lunch break, not eating and relaxing, not getting yourself to think anything else other than work and money can lead you away from positive energy. By taking lunch breaks, you will be able to stay positive both physically and mentally which is very important for your success.

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