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5 Slime Recipes That You’ll Definitely Want to Try

May 20, 2017

5 diy slime recipes

I went to the local craft store other day and they were out of Elmer’s Glue. I was told they were running out of them all the time due to slime being so popular now.

Well of course I went to get some for my kids to make more slime, yes more – they are always coming up with these new recipes; glow in the dark slime, galaxy slime, glitter slime, edible slime, butter slime and so forth.

While I sat down with my kids looking for some new slime recipes, we were amazed to find there are so many cool and fancy recipes out there. And they are so easy! So here are some of our collections from the internet that you might like to try with your kids too. Have fun!

Beauty-and-the-Beast-Slime-1 Beauty-and-the-Beast-Slime-2

Beauty and the Beast Slime – I love the use of rose beads and glitter in this slime. The ingredients needed to make this slime includes: clear glue, Borax, ultra fine gold glitter, yellow food color, rose beads, and water. Source

jungle slime recipe_1 jungle slime recipe_2

Jungle Slime Recipe – this recipe is perfect for safari or jungle theme birthday parties. Kids would love it. For this recipe you’d need liquid starch, clear glue, liquid watercolors, green and gold glitter, plastic jungle animals (optional). Source

Lego-Star-Wars-Anakin-sinking-into-molten-lava-slime-for-kids Lego-Star-Wars-Anakin-sinking-into-molten-lava-slime-for-kids-2

LEGO Star Wars Molten Lava Slime – this recipe will be loved by LEGO and star wars fans. This is a fun and adventurous slime and to make this you’d need clear glue, water, liquid watercolors, red glitter and liquid starch. Source

rainbow explosion slime

Rainbow Explosion Slime – Wow! This is what we said when we saw this.  The sprinkles really make it look so edible but it’s not. This recipe needs white glue, liquid starch and nonpareils (sprinkles). Source

homemade-slime-under-the-sea-slime-for-ocean-theme-3 homemade-slime-under-the-sea-slime-for-ocean-theme-2

Under the Sea Slime – this slime really has ocean colors – the blues and greens. I like how the sea shells are added to give the slime a beach theme.  You will need clear glue, liquid starch, food coloring, and glitter and sea shells (optional) for this recipe. Source

Enjoy these recipes!

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