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5 Steps to Accomplishing Goals at Home

October 13, 2015

Going back to work after having a baby requires some good planning. In order to be successful both at work and home, getting organized is essential. Speaking from experience, getting organized is not that difficult if we do it right way and that is through one step at a time. With a new baby, time is already so precious so we don’t want to be doing everything at once. So as I said one step at a time and here are few steps that can get you accomplish the goals.

  1. Identify and share the load. First thing is to analyze the tasks and how they are shared.  Are there tasks that are unnecessary and can be eliminated? The best way to find the answer is to list all the tasks and have it prioritized. Which ones are important and which ones are not. Sometimes a task gets old and isn’t necessary anymore.  Cross those out. And are there tasks that can be assigned to someone else to make it less overwhelming for you. If so, then have it delegated.
  2. Create Lists.  Now that you are done eliminating, prioritizing and reassigning the tasks, it’s time to make a list.  Create the list in an order that makes sense and that helps you complete the task in an efficient manner.  If you want to get more creative, you can include how long it will take to complete each task.
  3. Keep a Calendar.  This can be a store bought or you can create your own as long as it works. Use this calendar to keep track of things on your schedule.This way you will be better prepared for tackle the day.
  4. Work together.  All this planning won’t work if you do not allow your partner to share his thoughts.  Communication is very vital here so let your partner present his views and ideas as well and let him do things his way too.
  5. Multi-task. I tend to multitask a lot.  That way I’m able to accomplish so much more. Of course there are things that need 100 percent of your concentration.  If you think multitasking is giving you stress then I would suggest for you to stop.  Maybe doing one thing at a time is the best.  But to make multitasking effective is to work on tasks that are easy.  Tasks that does not require too much of labor or thinking. Example: calling mom to remind her of an appointment while preparing dinner.


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