5 Traits that Career Oriented People Have

January 19, 2016

Hiring process has changed a lot.  Most employers are moving away from focusing on how much the candidates know today but rather focusing on a candidate’s personality.  They want to invest in individuals who are more career-oriented.  Saying that let’s look at some of the traits of career –oriented individuals.

  1. Ambitious.  People who desperately want to achieve a lot in their career will do their best at work.  They are able to bring more creative ideas and innovations to their employer.
  2. Intelligence.  Career-oriented people put lot of effort into learning and improving.  They want to be best at what they do and this trait helps them learn new things more easily.
  3. Confidence. When you have confidence in you, you are able to achieve what you want. Due to confidence, career-oriented people are able to take on challenges without difficulty.  Successful companies  like the idea of employees taking challenges to improve the products and services they offer.
  4. Detail Oriented.  This one is very important.  Employers look for employees who pay lot of attention to details to avoid mistakes which can harm the employer’s reputation. Career-oriented people take pride in their work.
  5. Integrity.  Career oriented people believe in integrity in order to be successful.  Without honesty one cannot achieve much in their life.  An employer can only trust someone with responsibilities if that person is an honest and dedicated person.



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