6 Tips For Families Before Their Photo Session

March 28, 2016

You’ll probably agree that family photo sessions can be challenging and it could be both ways – for the family and photographer. It gets a bit challenging especially if you have little kids but here are few tips to make your family photo session go more smoothly.

1. Discuss with the family about the shoot well in advance.  Have conversations with your children about the photo shoot that you have been planning for.  Share the date and location with them. Talk to them about what they will be expected to do during the photo shoots.

2. Have your family well rested, well fed and well prepared. Children who are able to get enough sleep the night before the shoot are found to be less cranky.  They are more excited about the photo session and they are able to follow directions more clearly.  It is also important that they are well fed so they all happy and delighted to be there.

3. Choose clothing that suits the weather and that is comfortable.  You don’t want you or your family freezing.  Dress according to the weather and make sure the clothes are comfortable for everyone.  Choose neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics. To make it even more interesting, select outfits with coordination colors with bold accent colors.  Add the glamour with accessories like scarves, hats, hair accessories and so forth.

4. Give your family and yourself plenty of time to get ready. No one likes rushing and especially before special occasions like a family photo shoot.  Allow yourself plenty of time to get everyone ready.  If you can afford then have your hair and makeup professionally done which will save you lots of time. A rushed and disorganized photo session is not fun at all.  It will get everyone frustrated so allow lots of time for getting ready for a more fun experience.

5. Let the photographer take the lead.  Many times we parents stand by the photographer and yell and demand the little ones to look at the camera and smile or say cheese, etc.  This can be stressing for the children plus the photographer might not feel very comfortable. Remember they are professionals and they do photo shooting all the time.  So let the photographer be in charge and interact with the children.  Let her capture those priceless natural and easy smiles.

6. Last but not least have fun. Enjoy the entire experience – share expressions of love with each other.  Laugh together, embrace and snuggle. Think of it as a celebration making it easy for your photographer the capture the real joyful and happy family through lens. This is the time for some crazy fun and revealing the wonderful family life you have.

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