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7 Habits To Break To Start Enjoying Life More

January 24, 2018

It’s true, life teaches us so many things, whether it’s from the mistakes we make, information we share with our friends, books we read, advice from others. Actually, life is a teaching process, and I think the more we know the better for us.  I’ve learnt a lot from my mistakes, the people I’ve met, articles I’ve read and honestly, I’ve found things that really made me wonder about some of my habits.  Am I really proud of them?  Do I really want to continue those habits?  Are those habits going to bring peace, love, prosperity and success for me?

Well the good thing is that these are my habits and I can break them anytime I want, especially if I know they are not good for me.  I’ve decided that in order to enjoy life more, I really want to let go off some of the habits and maybe replace them with better ones.  Fortunately, it’s never too late to start, so I’m on it.  Are you?  Here are few habits that maybe you can also get rid off, trust me, you’ll feel so much better.

  1. Spending too much money on clothes spending too much on clothes

Okay, so I admit.  I spend lots of money on clothes. I’m pretty sure many of you do the same.  Online shopping can be so tempting, especially seeing photos of models wearing those dresses, shirts or pants.  If it looks good on them it will look great on us. However, sometimes when you get them, they don’t look as great as you thought or you just don’t like the fabric, the design, the style and the list goes on.  And we end up returning it, or putting them away.Or hasn’t there been a time, when you ordered an outfit and it’s a little too small, so you decide to keep it and wear it after losing some weight.  Which in some cases, doesn’t happen and we end up donating that outfit probably it’s out of fashion or to free up some closet space.  So in order to change, purchase clothes when you really need new ones. Setting a strict budget and making sure you do not spend more than what you need to.

  1. Putting away doing things you love

Since I got married and had kids, I’ve always made my family’s needs my priority.  I always want to make sure my family is happy and have things they need.  But when it comes to me, I’ve given very little priority to things I like to do or things that make me feel great.  And I know there are many of us who are in the same boat.  Let’s start focusing more on ourselves and do things that make us happy, or things that we’ve always wanted to do. Attending to our needs is important, especially if we want to live a balanced life.

  1. Letting others make decisions for you

Letting others make decisions for youOkay, so we women are smart and creative.  Then why let others make decisions for us.  Ignoring what we really want, or how we want to live our lives, we tend to listen to others and go with what they think is best for us.  Why?  They don’t know what exactly we want.  They don’t know what matters most to us.  We can appreciate their feedback and suggestions, but when it comes to making the decisions or making a choice, we have to listen to our own hearts.  Let’s be more responsible and take charge of our lives.

  1. Keeping up with social media constantly

Keeping up with social media constantly

Social media is becoming a need for many. Through social networking like Facebook, people are able to connect with new and existing friends and feel connected to a larger community. According to research social media sites can eat a chunk of your valuable time which you could have spent doing fun things with your loved ones. Social networking encourages people to be more public about their personal lives and if you are not careful about what you post, it can impact your privacy.  Limit the use of social media and use it with caution.  Keep a good control of what you share and what you would like people to know about you.

  1. Spending life with toxic or negative-minded people

Spending life with toxic or negative-minded peopleAs they say, life is too short.  How we live our life is very important.  If we want to live an enjoyable, peaceful and happy life, we need to stay positive and invite people who bring happy thoughts, positive feelings and respect in your life.  Get rid of people who do not respect you, stop spending time with people who are full of negative energy and who tend to see your thoughts, plans, decisions as negative.   You are very special, so you need people who see you as a very special human being.

  1. Waiting for the right time to make a change

If you really believe in your dreams and your goals, now is the time to make the change.  There is no right time to make the move.  Live your life, do it today.  Today is so much better than someday. If you keep waiting for the right time, you may lose that enthusiasm, that excitement, and the creativity.  Go with your instinct, and do it now.

  1. Constantly talking about health issues

Constantly talking about health issuesI think many of us have done this or are doing it, where we are constantly complaining about not feeling well, sharing health issues with co-workers, friends and loved ones.  Just talking won’t take care of your health issues.  Make a habit of focusing on your health and taking care of yourself, by exercising regularly, eating healthy, thinking healthy thoughts and staying positive about your health.  Be positive when talking about your health, for example; share how you are feeling better, or you are exercising regularly and doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle.

These are 7 habits that anyone of us can break to start fresh and enjoy life more and make it more successful and prosperous one.  Let’s do our best to thrive and make our lives more enjoyable!  Cheers!

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