7 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have Goals

January 19, 2016

With goals in place, you are able to measure your progress and identify the successes.  It keeps you motivated to continue moving in the right direction. All successful people are intensely goal oriented.  They know what they want and focus on achieving them.  Goals bring lots of changes in your life such as the following.

  1. Enables you to be fearless.  Once you are committed to your goals your fear of unable to achieve something will be replaced with excitement and enthusiasm.  You will more motivated once you achieve your first goal.  You will be excited to do it again and again.
  2. Enables you to open up your imagination.  Goals help you see possibilities. You start believing that you have adequate capabilities to achieve what you want to.  You are able to disengage yourself from closed mind and fit yourself beautifully in the world of possibilities.
  3. Enables you to discover your talents.  Goals help you discover what you are good at.  It brings out the creativity and talent in you that you didn’t know about. It helps you identify your passion and what you absolutely love to do.
  4. Enables you to see life from a different perspective.  By having goals, knowing what you want to do and achieve in your life, you are able to change your perception of a situation to make it something you learn and grow from. You have the choice not to spend your time disliking and hating things and life but living your life to the fullest regardless of your circumstances.
  5. Enables you to build a stronger belief system. Goals help strengthen the beliefs about yourself.  It helps you realize that you can do something about the situation.   It helps you understand that you have the will power to see things optimistically.
  6. Enables you add direction to your life.  Goals help you make better decisions.  Help you understand the path you need to follow to achieve what you have always wanted to.
  7. Enables you to become more efficient. By having goals, you know what you need to do.  You get focused on those goals and you do the things that you know needs to get done immediately. You are able to prioritize tasks effectively and achieve more in less time.

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