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7 Tips for Cleaning out your Closet without Stress

February 6, 2016

Closet cleaning can be a long, boring job but the outcome will be most rewarding.  You will end up with an organized closet with items that you really need or will wear. There are times when you start cleaning up the closet but don’t really get it completed or you lose that enthusiasm and interest.  The mess or loads of clothing and shoes could make it too overwhelming and we just leave it as is.  Here are few tips on how to make closet cleaning process much easier and less overwhelming.

  1. First, set a time. This is important.  You need to dedicate at least 3 to 4 hours to clean and organize your closet.  You need to be ready to spend that many hours without getting frustrated.  Setting up the time will help you commit and get the closet cleaned out.
  2. Break it up in small projects.  If you have a huge closet full of lots of clothes and shoes then the best strategy is to break it up into small projects. One weekend organize your clothes, next weekend work on the shoes, and next weekend work on accessories. If you take out everything all at once then you will end up with a huge pile of items which will take you longer than expected plus it will get overwhelming. So start small.
  3. Divide and Sort.  Divide your clothes and accessories. Then sort them into two piles – Keep and Don’t Keep.  Then divide the Don’t Keep into three piles – Donate, Sell and Trash.  Use boxes or bags and place the items in them as you are sorting.
  4. Group the like items.  Go through your “Keep” pile and put like items together.  For example, place the pants together, shirts, dress, etc. You can be more creative by organizing items by color, by season or by style (casual or formal).
  5. Invest in high quality hangers.  How long your clothes will last or maintain its quality and look depends how you take care of them. Get rid of those wire hangers – they ruin clothes. Invest in good quality hangers like for blouse, shirts and dresses use fabric padded hangers to keep shoulders smooth.  For pants use solid hardwood hangers for holding pants. Another great one is non-slip hangers which keeps clothes wrinkle free plus prevents garments from slipping.
  6. Short on space?  If your closet is small and you are running out of space use containers to store some of the items.  Place labels on these containers so you know what’s in there.  Place them neatly on the shelf. For seasonal clothes you can pack them up in low profile boxes which provide flexible storage.  You can place this under the bed and since this box is breathable it will keep the items safe.
  7. Do it more often.  Make a habit of cleaning your closet at least once every three months.  This way your closet will remain clean and organized throughout the year.  Even if it’s already clean and tidy, making sure everything is neatly placed where it should be is a great way to maintain it.

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