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7 Tips for Encouraging Kids to Read

October 13, 2015

Are you having difficulty getting your kids read?  Here are few ideas to encourage kids, especially those who are not excited about books or reading. Its important to build or promote a reading habit at a very young age.

  1. Read Together.  This works the best.  Reading with your child helps them get motivated and interested.  It shows them the excitement, the passion that you have for reading and they start to follow your steps.
  2. Keep it Fun.  Make the whole reading process enjoyable for your kids.  Keep them engaged by asking questions about the story or ask them to tell you what happened at the end of the story.  Or take turns reading paragraphs or pages.  Make sounds and actions to keep the child interested.
  3. Reward your Child.  Each time your child finishes reading a book give them a reward.  A simple method is using a chart or graph marking the number of books your child reads which will show him or her sense of accomplishment. This will keep them motivated and once they reach their goal reward your child with something to celebrate that special achievement.
  4. Keep it a Choice.  Let your child read what they want to read.  It can be a magazine, newsletter and other materials available.  Let them make a choice about which books or stories they want to read too.  They’ll have more fun that way.
  5. Share what you read.  Share the stories or messages received from the book.  Talk about them and point out how those events, stories or messages imply to our daily lives.  Help them understand the morale of the story.
  6. Make it Happen.  It is important to dedicate time to reading.  Everyone’s life is busy but it is critical to carve out time from our busy schedules and sit down with the kids and read together.  It could be an hour before going to bed, whichever time workds best for you and your child.
  7. Take it easy.  If you are just getting your child all motivated about reading then take it easy.  Don’t be too hard and pushy.  Remember it’s all about making it fun and constructive family time together.  So don’t get frustrated if it takes a bit longer in achieving the goal.


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