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7 Tips on Buying and Storing Bulk Buys

January 19, 2016

There are few things to consider when buying and storing your bulk items especially if you have to stay within the budget and if you have a small living space with limited storage space.

Before we look at those things, let’s talk about the benefits of buying in bulk.

The big benefit is that you save both time and money by buying in bulk. You get items on discount, you save on gas (fewer trips to the store) and of course you save time as well.

By buying in bulk, you’re also able to make better choices on the items you want to buy.  For example, when you go to Costco, there are different brands and you get a choice to select items that you think is best for your family.

There are many creative solutions for buying and storing bulk buys and here are few of them.

Tips on Buying Bulk

Buy Only What You Need 

Buying bulk doesn’t mean that you go overboard on things that you can use next year.  Go easy on bulk buying.  Buy what you really need, buy what you think will be gone within couple months (especially food items) and most important stay within your budget.

Items like toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper, can be bought and stored away.  These are things you need all the time and buying them in stock is a perfect way to save money.

Avoid Buying Items You Haven’t Tried Before

Each time you go to the store you find new products which can be quite compelling.  Some of these products may seem too good but then they are not that great of a quality.  Buy products or brands that you’re familiar with.

Trying new brands or products is not a bad idea but do your research first.  That way you’ll know a bit more about the product you’re buying and your money won’t be spent on something that you don’t know or like.

Don’t Forget To Use Coupons

Costco sends out a booklet with great deals that you can use during certain days.  Shop during those days and take advantage of the discounts offered.  Clip or print out the coupons to minimize the cost.

Take Bulk Buying Seriously

Bulk buying can easily add up the cost.  So be careful with how much you buy. Unless you have an enormous bankroll, buying everything in bulk can impact your budget.

Remember not all items are on sale at the same time.  So first invest in items that are on sale and come back for others that will be on sale the next time, unless it is an item that you really need to buy at that time.

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Tips on Storing Bulk Buys

Create a Bulk  Station 

If there is an empty wall in your garage use that for storing items like paper products, detergents, cleaning supplies, cases of water bottles.  Put in some heavy-duty shelving units and arrange the items neatly on these shelves.

You can find these shelving in your local stores or online like Amazon.

Use Containers

If there are items that need to be kept away from dust then place them in containers.  Again arrange the items in the containers and place them on the shelf.  Don’t forget to label the containers.  That way you’ll know what’s in that container.

store food in airtight jars

Use Airtight Jars and Containers

As far as the pantry goes, use airtight jars and containers.  Good quality jars and containers keep the item fresh for long time which means your money won’t get wasted. Don’t forget to label the jars with dates and then place the similar items together.  Date will tell you which items are older and needs to be used first.

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Buying and storing bulk buys is not a rocket science.  It’s all about buying what you really need and buying items that you know your family will be using.  Items that stays good for a long period of time are better choices for bulk buying.

Do your homework, take a closer look at the items you buy and list down the items that you think would save you both time and money by buying in bulk.


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