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8 Things Moms are Doing to Save Money

January 19, 2016


Saving money can be challenging sometimes especially if you haven’t really made a habit to. Here are few things that some moms are doing to save money.  The trick to save money is to pay close attention to everyday activities that you can adopt to save and then making them a habit.

In the beginning it might be a little difficult to follow these new habits but trust me, once you start to see those savings you will be tempted to keep saving. 

Here are few things Moms are doing to save money:

They Set a Budget  

set a budget to save money

This is like a foundation or the base.  By knowing what your budget is you will have a better control of your money. A budget has a list of expenses and lists down the amount of money you have left over after taking care of important expenses.  You can download a copy of our Budget Plan.

They Limit Eating Out

Eating out can be costly.  Try to stay in and cook a healthy meal for your family.   If you do go out, eat at family-friendly restaurant that offers free meals for children. Pay attention to little things like order water instead of sodas, don’t order too much food and so forth.

They Go With Generic

buy generic brand to save money

Brand name items can add up those costs really quick.  Try generic version.  If you look at the ingredients of a generic item and brand name – you will notice they are pretty much the same.  Lots of stores are offering their own brands like Walmart, Target, Costco.  While shopping in those stores buy their store brand – it will be cheaper than the other brands.

They Buy Inexpensive Toys

Kids outgrow toys pretty quick or they don’t have much interest in the same toy for too long.  Instead of buying expensive ones, try to invest in less expensive ones which you can buy at flea markets.  They are pretty good toys. Or you can make your own playful items at home like Play Dough and Fingerpaint.  Reuse those broken crayons and make crayons of different shapes.  The kids will be excited to use them.  Here are more creative uses of crayons.

They Buy in Bulk

buy in bulk to save money

Diapers, grocery, water, toilet paper, paper towel – there are lots of things you can buy in bulk.  You will save more by buying in bulk. Costco and Sams Club offer items in bulk.  Store the items neatly so that it’s easier to find and use them.  Here are few tips on buying and storing bulk buys.

They Use Coupons

moms use coupons to save money

It’s amazing to know how much people are able to save by using coupons.  Search online for coupons – there are so many websites.  Sunday’s newspaper also has lot of coupons and don’t forget to check your mailbox.  There are flyers, postcards with great discounts. When visiting amusement park make sure to check Groupon.  They offer great discounts.  Keep the coupons in a small envelope or ziplog and keep that in your purse or car all the time.  That way you won’t forget to use it when going shopping.

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They Use a Consignment Shop

If you have furniture, clothing, books and toys in great condition then why not sell them through consignment shop.  Use the consignment shop to make money and to clear up the clutter. The money you get from selling these items can be used to buy new items or it can put towards the next family vacation.  Here are more tips on saving for your next family vacation.

They Take Advantage of Free Fun Events

There are lots of places you can take your kids for free kid’s events.  Lots of museums have free admission and sometimes they have events that you can take your kids to.  Libraries have events like children’s story time days.  Search your local community for these types of events and you’ll be thrilled to find some great places.  Park is a perfect way to keep the kids energized plus they get to go outside and just have fun!

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These are 8 ways moms are able to save money for other things like family vacation, a new family car, for future baby, for Christmas gift shopping, and so on.  Whatever the goal is, saving money is not difficult.  There are many ways you can save, all it takes is some creative thinking to come up with amazing ideas for saving. 



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