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9 Ways to Start a Business With Very Little or No Money

December 19, 2012

Many people want to start their own small business but don’t have lot of money that they can invest. So how can we start a business with very little or no money? Here are few tips that you may find useful!

  1. Website. Start with a FREE website at wordpress.com or tumblr.com. The domain name won’t be yours like abcompany.com but more like abcompany.wordpress.com. The idea here is you can see how people respond to this site and once you start making money you can always move on and get q website with your own domain name. If you prefer to have your own domain name than you can get for really cheap at Deluxe Corp. They also provide affordable hosting plans as well.
  2. Fancy Logo. To be successful doesn’t mean your business needs a fancy logo. You can go with a simple design and you can create your own. That would be FREE.
  3. Legal Advice. Do you need advice regarding legal matters? You can get a FREE lawyer and legal advice from the mentors at Score.org. Also they have so much information which will answer many of your questions. Score.org also offers classes that you get attend.
  4. Merchant Account. Accepting credit card can be costly. Go with a cheaper solution like PayPal and Google Checkout. It is so easy to implement as well.
  5. Meaningful Content. For any website to be successful it is very important to include meaningful and rich content. If your website lacks information then it will be very difficult to attract traffic. And this is FREE. All you need to do is come up with interesting topics.
  6. Marketing. Use FREE social networks like Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your website. Post notes, announcements, articles, photos and so forth. Create your own brochures or flyers and hand them out to your friends and neighbors. Use PINTEREST and pin photos from your blog and share them with others.
  7. Youtube.com. Post videos of your products or services on youtube.com. Share what your business is trying to sell. This is a great marketing tool.
  8. Financial Statements. Do you really need to pay an Accountant to create financial statements for your business? Maybe later when your business starts to make money. In the beginning start with Excel and create statements yourself. You can purchase books that teaches you how to or take classes such as Quickbooks at your local community college.
  9. Retail Space. Before renting a retail space like store start with your local flea market. Sell the products there and see if people buy them. You can also try ebay and etsy. Start with these first; it is the best way of finding if there are any demands for the products you are going to sell at a store.

Once your business starts off you can start investing in products and services to acquire more customers and build your brand. Deluxe Corp offers such products and services to small businesses like websites, lead generation, logo design, branding assistance, tax forms and more. All designed to be affordable and easy to use, to that you can spend more of your time doing the things you love. Visit Deluxe Corp website to learn more. They are also offering $50 Off Orders Of $200 Or More.

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