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DIY Kraft Book Project

October 2, 2013

It took me less than an hour to create these books which would make a perfect gift for anyone.  Plus it requires very few materials.  All you need is Kraft cardstock, Lace, Printing Paper, Paper Doily, Hot Glue, Thread and Needle.

Once you have decided how big you want your book to be, cut out the cover using Kraft cardstock.  For the pages, trim them slightly smaller (about ¼ of an inch) than the cover page. Then simply using a thread and needle sew the pages together with the cover page creating the spine of the book. Once that’s completed, attach the lace or paper doily using hot glue.  That’s it – your book is done. These books would make perfect wedding favors for the guests. You can personalize it by adding names, dates and even special notes or quotes.



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